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Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

Posted by bemily (My Page) on Mon, Jun 6, 05 at 1:27

Here is my almost finished Ikea/soapstone kitchen. I finally got hold of a digital
camera...been wanting to post for awhile. We still need flooring (wood), backsplash?,
paint?, molding around window, barstools and upper cab knobs. Any gently phrased
suggestions and productive comments welcome :)

We did everything except electrical and counters.

fridge and DW are kitchenaid
range is GE profile
hood is Thermador
cabinets are Ikea askerum
counters are Ipanema soapstone from Soapstone West
pulls are Ikea (I added the copper)
sink is Kindred
faucet is Grohe Alira
flooring will be Bruce engineered Birch
pendants are Restoration Hardware

Bemily's kitchen pictures at photobucket

Bemily's kitchen pictures on blogger

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 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

Looks great! I like the color of the cabinetes, it's really soft and pretty. I kinda like the floor the way it is! Good job.

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

Great job! Lovely countertops and cabinets, sophisticated colors. I, too, like the floor the way it is -- looks interesting and different.

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

I think your gently radiused countertops are really lovely. Your cabinets and peninsula lighting look GREAT. Take your time with your backsplash and paint -- I'm sure you'll come to good choices, given what you've done so far. I also like your cast iron brackets -- very distinctive, and they go nicely with the soapstone. Did you go with Santa Rita? I visited Soapstone West, and considered the Piracema, but my husband didn't like the softness of SS. Any comments on it so far?

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

Love it! - Including the floor as it looks now. There's something about the blend of the floor, the soft color of the cabinets and the soapstone that looks really good. Is your floor concrete?

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos


Wow! I love it! Nice Kitchengirl, I love the soft contour of your peninsula counter and I really like those lights--have you been pleased with the adjustability? I also think you made a really good choice on the brackets--very attractive without being too fluffy. Great kitchen! Thanks for posting photos!


 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

meskauskas, I wrote the exact same thing on the Ikea thread! I was thinking maybe just some oriental rugs on nonslip cool would that be?

Re the rest of the choices to come: Anything that keeps that calm reflective mood would be just fabulous. Nothing too busy in the backsplash (but not subways--your other choices are just different enough that subways would take it back to something more usual [beautiful in its own way, but not as cool as your kitchen]--so you need something that's the equivalent of your great choices)...nothing screamy like glass tile, either...unless it's *very* subtle...and I've got glass tile so I'm not insulting glass tile per se, just not in your context...

So it's a Thermador hood, that much we've established...can I find out how many cfms? I've got to get a hood and that one looks very nice. Why did you choose it?

Great great work all around.

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

Sigh. Gorgeous. Congratulations!

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words.

I should have posted some before pictures. I don't know how I survived 4 years cooking/living with that kitchen. If you saw the concrete floor in person you wouldn't like it. Its not in great shape, just what was under the PO's tile that we removed. We're going to put wood there to cozy it up and I think that using the same flooring throughout our small (1470 SF) house\would give it a unified look. The oriental rug idea I like!

I'm pleased with the lights and brackets but the decision wasn't easy...they were only available on-line and I really like to "feel" something before I buy it.

I'll definitely be taking my time on backsplash and paint because I haven't a clue. I'm doing blues/greens maybe beigy yellows and lots of neutrals in the rest of the house. I would love a yellow kitchen but I think it would clash with the cab color. Blues/greens would go but I'm afraid of looking too cold/dead. I'm really drawn to magazine photos of rooms that have so many subtly different neutrals that they begin to look like colors, does this make sense? Maybe warm browns/greys? What about a metalic backsplash? Any thoughts appreciated. Maybe I should post to the decorating forum.

Flyleft, I chose the hood for looks really. The curve echoes the curve in the handle of the other appliances and the archways. To be honest, I never found a hood to be all that useful (don't cook foods that need it)and could probably do without one. It's 390 CFM.

Kitchengirl, we got the Ipanema from Soapstone West. Softness isn't an issue. A few days after installation DH dropped a heavy metal clamp from 3 ft. up and dinged the counter in a few spots. I sanded it and it looks fine. The second photo has a seam...really hard to find. The installers did a terrific job; took their time and had personal pride in their work.

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos


It's gorgeous! As for the backsplash-- here are some that I think would keep the serene look.

Check out the pencil tile backsplash on:
HGTV SITE - I think it's Ann Sacks and very pricey

Also, on Divine Design there was an awesome fireplace with a muted blue/grey/green glass tile. (Episode 605-- unfortunately no pics on the HGTV site)

or even something like this bathroom-

Heath ceramics- cheaper from their surplus section

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

That is stupendous!

Your kitchen looks utterly fantastic! The counters, the cabinets, the glass, the lights, ... everything looks stupendous. Gosh, the stone is so lovely, and your floor looks so good right now, I'd put more soapstone tiles on the floor. It is fantastic. I really like your hood, too.

The soapstone looks simply great - I too really like the gentle curves on the counters. Beautiful. I'll be eagerly awaiting your wall color decision - I'll just pick that right off your selection :-)

This was well worth the wait!

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

bemily - your soapstone is beautiful! I've taken the liberty of adding it to the Soapstone Photo blog. Hope you don't mind :-)

I also love your counter supports!

Here is a link that might be useful: Soapstone Photo blog

 o RE: Ikea Askerum and Soapstone photos

One thing to think about, bemily--I saw a concrete floor in a local high-end plumbing supply store yesterday--it's very uneven in color, but buffed and looks *great* and with those rugs on it? yours would be even better...You could have the problems buffed out and have it made to feel so nice and smooth...

I know, I'm just dreaming, but I'm tellin' ya I thought of your floor when I was in the store yesterday looking for *my* bathroom remodel stuff. So sue me :)

Bemily, I found your kitchen on this blog and I love it! What I wanted to ask you about was your peninsula glass cabinet. I want that at the end of my island for cookbooks, but when I talked to an Ikean about it he said it wasn't possible. Of course I didn't have your picture with me, so it was hard to argue my point. :/

Did you just choose a wall cabinet and order legs and cover panels to cover the sides? Any other details appreciated.

Hi Bemily, love the look of your kitchen. My husband and I are thinking of using Ikea cabinets, and we were wondering how hard it was to assemble them? When you get a moment, could you let me know? I appreciate any suggestions you may offer!

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