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Kitchen finished pictures . So glad to be done :)

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Posted on Tue, Oct 4, 05
Link to kitchen photos:


Here are pictures of the finished kitchen . All but the fridge handles which we are still working on. Next to the granite the backsplash came in as the hardest choice. I think I have more gray hairs now for sure over both those items. We had orginally hired and were working with a kd place. I did not like any of their plans so they drew out what we wanted. Eventually though we parted ways as it was just not working out. It was lucky I did leave them as I got a much better nicer cabinet for the money and a great cabinet installer. He really did more then install as he built the hood custom . Once I left the kd place I had to be my own GC . How scary. I finally found plumbers and electricians. The kd did not do counters so I had already picked my own granite guy so once the other contractors were in place we were on our way .
Gutted the kitchen middle of May. Gas line was moved to other side of room. How scary! Had to move plumbing also . No walls were moved but we did expand out in to the breakfast area giving us more floor space in the actual kitchen area. Finished kitchen backsplash September 21st one day before daughters wedding rehearsal dinner which was here and three days before the actual wedding. I did the wedding and the kitchen at the same time. What was I thinking !Daughters wedding was small 60 people so all in all it was not to bad. Wedding turned out great and we had a great time . Very romantic setting . Kitchen had been planned way before she got engaged and I wanted it done before materials shot up in cost again. Oh sorry this got so long ....

Cannot see pictures :-( I especially wanted to see your hood.

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