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NancyA's new kitchen

Posted by Gary64 (My Page) on Fri, Jul 22, 05 at 12:26

Took about 6 months including ripping out the old floor (ceramic tile) and removing
soffits, etc, etc, etc. Essentially replaced the entire kitchen - sheetrock and floors
included. We even had to sister the floor joists in order to be able to support the
travertine flooring.
A LOT of work (and dust) but we like the results.

Cabinets: Custom from Pacific Design (Hillsboro, OR)
Granite: Randisa (or Arandisa) 2 cm
Flooring: Travertine
Fridge: 48" SubZero 695 SXS
Range: 48" Wolf Dual Fuel
Dishwasher: Miele Incognito
Mico: Sharp Micro/Convection - kept us fed during the remod.
Trash compactor: Jenne Aire
Hot water dispensers (2): ISE
Hood (Island): VentAHood liner in custom enclosure
Sinks: Elkay
Faucets: DWC and Franke

Here is a link that might be useful: NancyA's Kitchen

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 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

This is really a unique kitchen I think in appearance. Those cabs really set the tone, and I'm sure you love the unified look. My own preference would have been the sink behind the cooktop/range but dh and I can't work together - easily!

I'll be that fireplace is a delight on gray foggy days!
Yes, gorgeous and really a kitchen that says Use me.

 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

Beautiful kitchen!! I am doing something similar with my vent hood. How do you like that vent a hood liner? Is it quiet?

 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

Thanks for the nice comments.

We like the liner. Its not as wide as recommended - but that's a long story. We've been using it for over a month now and it seems to do all we could want of it. The range is 6 burners plus griddle - no grill - so we haven't created vast amounts of smoke & fumes. But its handled what we do fine - including stir fry.

Quiet is sort of a personal thing . I guess its less bad than others. We seldom run it at its max rating - typically we use 150 or 300 CFM. I'd say noise level hasn't been an issue. The noise from the left side motor is "different" than the other one - that bugs me a little. I think the difference is some slight differences in the duct work between the two sides.

Also, I put some masking tape in a couple of key spots in the hood which (IMHO) reduced the noise level significantly. That's not as crude as it might sound - simply sealed off a couple of places a little better, the tape isn't noticeable, and it got rid of a slight "whooshing" sound. Nancy didn't even notice.

 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

Thanks so much for your feedback on your vent hood. Mine will be over an electric cooktop(no gaslines in neighborhood, bummer) So I won't need quite the power as you. We will have seating surrounding the cooktop, so I wanted it quiet. The top of mine is going to be a painted sheet metal with the bottom matching our cherry cabinets. I have been a little nervous to orchestrate it all, so seeing yours gave me another option. Your vent hood is such a lovely focal point to your kitchen.

There are so many things that I love about your kitchen. It has a warm and inviting feeling. I love your color choices. The granite, flooring and wood tones all work so well together. I also love your use of wood beams, and the corner cabinet with dish rack. The brick really adds a nice texture. Very nice job. My kitchen plan actually has many similarities. I only hope that mine comes out as lovely as yours.

I am also having my cabinets locally built. What kind of wood did you use, and how were they finished? What color stain? Laquer,conversion varnish? In house, or off site? Do you have a glaze on them? They really look great! Congrats and enjoy your new kitchen!

 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

The metal inserts in the hood and refer actually look much better than the pictures show. Its hard to get decent pictures. The same holds for the cabinets - better "live" than in the pictures.

The cabinets are clear alder.
They are finished with acrylic lacquer - semi gloss.
The color is "Spice" 15:1
The glaze is AC Van Dyke.
Finished at the cabinet makers shop.

It was nice working with the local guys. We had one door sample that we took to the granite yards, eventually thought it would be nice if the finish were slightly darker. No problem, they made a new sample for us.

The cabinets are plywood interior construction (11 plys in places!), solid maple drawers and shelves. Blumotion slides. They're VERY well done.

 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

I was curious, what size are your travertine tiles? Love your kitchen!!! We are putting in travertine as well. I am looking forward to the fact it will hide dog fur and dust!


 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

Love your kitchen. I know you're glad it's finally in!

 o RE: NancyA's new kitchen

Our Travertine tiles are 18 inches square and are filled with sandstone grout. The grout lines are approximately 1/16 inch. They were sealed with Enrich 'N Seal - which darkens the grout significantly.

It is pretty hard to see dirt any smaller than a MAC truck.

- Gary

Gary/Nancy: Your kitchen is very unique. I would love to see more but your picture link no longer works. Is there another link?

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