aptosca's Kitchen

Pinch me! I don't believe it! It's done!

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Posted on Mon, Dec 18, 06
Link to kitchen photos: http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y80/CLZ51/Kitchen%20remodel%202006/


The actual kitchen measurements are 12'W x 14'L with 8' ceilings, The breakfast room is 10'W x 10'L.

This kitchen remodel was a total DIY job, except for the granite countertops, that took almost 7 months to complete. There were a lot hassles and problems, but we made it to the finish line. I want to publicly praise my DH for all his hard work and the long hours he put into making it a reality.
So far I love the island the best. I never had one before. We got reduced size cabinets (18"W) so I could have an island. The island measurements are 21"W x 75.5"L. I know that sounds small on paper, but it is a great workspace. I use it constantly. I store all my appliances underneath and it will be my prep area. I do love the red garnet in the VB granite too. When the sun from the skylights fall on the island it sparkles. I love it!

I love your new kitcehn & foud your photos thru a google search. Can you tell me hwere you found your
Marazzi Montagna Cortina 16" tile?
I am having trouble finding it.
I just purchased the cortina tile for my kitchen and googled it to see if anyone had photos.

Can you tell me what color grout you used for this?

By the way, the kitchen looks great.

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