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1890 Kitchen remodel - architectural salvage /White kitchen

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Posted on Sun, Sep 23, 07
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I have posted bits and pieces but never the whole thing. I was waiting to get an island but that is going to be sometime in the future since I haven't found anything I like yet. I would like it made from reclaimed wood.

We had the kitchen gutted to the studs. This involved removal of lathe and plaster...lots of coal dust. The house had the kitchen in the back ( now a guestroom ) and also had 2 kitchens when it was a duplex in the past. We left it in the center of the house. The last time it was remodeled was in the 80's.

I found old salvaged leaded and stained glass windows to create "transoms" to bring in light. We added a skylight over the area where the Twins are and the exterior french doors in the sunroom were added when we gutted that room . All this was to try and bring in light. The interior french doors were added 4 years ago..they were salvage also.

All of the glass cabinet doors are salvage Arts and Craft windows with the original wavy glass. All hardware on cabinets and drawers is salvaged cast iron. The sinks in the kitchen and sunroom are salvaged soapstone...the sunroom one is an Alberene Quarry sink and has the original tag in place on the front.

Counters around the sink/cooktop are teak. My cab guy made them and I finished them with Waterlox. The counter for the baking area is 30" deep and is soapstone as is the landing area next to the ovens and around the sunroom sink. The counter for the coffee bar is salvaged marble from Columbus GA . It still has the "lip" where the slab overlapped on the old building. The sides are leftover teak since the marble was not quite long enough. This was my idea and gives an inset look . All cabs were local custom. Full-extension glides. 2 Lee Valley pullouts...lower cab by sink and next to Twins.

We have the Caldera gas 36" cooktop, Miele builtin deepfat fryer,Tradewind 1400cfm hood liner w/ custom wood hood, Miele double ovens w/Perfect Clean, Bosch SHU66 dishwasher. Frigidaire Twins. We do not have a disposal and I don't miss it. I have a little galvanized pail.

Most of the art work is photos from our hometown of N.O. The kitchen was my attempt to bring some of that feeling to this house. Lighitng was from lots of different places . The saffron porter pendant light fixture was hand thrown in France and matches the saffron Le Crueset pot.

Gas insert fireplace was done 4 years ago as was tile. The mantle is original. The whole rest of the area around the fireplace is new and was finished with leftover teak . We "found" the chimney when we gutted the room. I cleaned the mortar and sealed it with 2 coats of water-based poly. I designed the cased sheetrock surround as the mantle stuck out after the gutting. It turned out to be a perfect way to showcase my baskets and art.

Floors in kitchen are the original heartpine after sanding and sealing with 4 coats oil poly. Sunroom floor is reclaimed pine panels from the 1940's made into a floor by my floor refinisher.

The ceiling was raised back up to 10 1/2 ft from 9 of house is 12 ft. The vent for the fireplace and the hood both are ducted in the new ceiling. Below is a picture of the fireplace wall and coffee area w/ marble, the rest are at the link. I could never have done this without all the info. I got on this and the appliance forum.
Fireplace wall /marble coffee area

It's funny, we looked at your pics a few times previously before we started chatting in the kitchen thread! :) DH is jealous of the 12' ceilings, we had 10'3" throughout the house, after we took down all the 8' dropped ceilings. Your fireplace is the same as the one in our parlour & we put the free standing one in the conservatory to match. Nice kitchen Caroline, I'm sure the rest of the house is just as fab! Cheers, mfrog

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