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Finished Kitchen and Before Photos

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Posted on Tue, Oct 10, 06
Link to kitchen photos:
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I didn't end up doing a backsplash and would welcome comments on how this looks to people. The kitchen opens to other rooms so I was hesitant and then we just had it painted because I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a backsplash-I figured I can always do it later if I ever really feel the need.

The island is 54 1/2 long with overhang and 28 wide with overhang. It is 41 inches from fridge and 38" from sink and 45 1/2 from cooktop.

Across form sink is the trash pullout and on top of that is a spice drawer. To the right are shelves for food processor, fruit bowl, and whatever. To the left is a panel as the other side has drawers. On the other side are shelves with a door which houses crackers, cereal, granola bars. The middle is a panel and the right is a drawer bank where top drawer has paper plates, cups, utensils, straws etc and the two large bottom drawers have snacks for the kids, rice cakes, peanut butter, salsa, chips etc so that the kids can get snacks without invading MY kitchen space.

Here is a link to the "before" pics if you have the stomach.


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