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Finished White Ikea Stat Kitchen

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Posted on Fri, Feb 1, 08
Link to kitchen photos: http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=4zy6eoe.81rx99fe&x=0&y=ctg9da

We decided to go with Ikea cabinets and use the money we saved to upgrade the appliances. So far we love the cabinets and they are an incredible value. I'll probably be adding some lighting to them next year -- so I guess we're really 99% done. We also made some changes to the rest of the room such as installing recessed lighting, new windows and sliding door, removed a soffit, etc. Overall we're very happy with the room and love the kitchen.

That's a smart move to spend the money on kitchen appliances.
Looks great. Smart move to spend up on the kitchen appliances.
Great job! I love the Ikea cabinets- they look wonderful. Very fresh and inviting. You must really be enjoying it. Beautiful baby, too!
what colors are the paint and tiles - I love the look of not being matchy-matchy with them.
I am considering putting glass subway tiles behind my stove exactly as you have done. I am worried about grease/dirt accumulating in the grout and keeping the grout clean. Are you happy you did it
i am considering using subway tiles behind the stove exactly as you did. Is it easy to keep clean. Are you happy you did it?Would you recommend
i plan to use subway tiles exactly as you did. Would you recommend? How long has it been since you did it. Do you cook a lot?
the wall color is a mix of 2 colors from restoration hardware. Sorry, can't remember the names, but we didn't like their medium brown shade so we mixed the dark with the light. We just painted our brick fireplace surround with the same color and it looks great.

Love the backsplash tile. It is showing some grease spots but I haven't really tried to deep clean it other than just windex and degreaser. I have some sort of acidic cleaner that I used right after installation that I should try again.
I like the idea of the stools in the kitchen its pretty cool somewhere to sit and a table not in the way

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