weegie's Kitchen

Weegie's Kitchen

Posted by weegie (My Page) on Wed, Sep 10, 03 at 15:58

We finished construction and moved into our house about 6 weeks ago. I finally took some pictures of my kitchen and posted them on my pbase site. Thanks for all the help I received here (mostly gleaned from others' questions and comments). I am thrilled with my kitchen so far - have cooked meals for my family and for several group gatherings and love the way the layout functions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weegie's Kitchen

editor's note: these are the details of weegie's kitchen from her My Page:

-made by a local custom cabinetmaker, inset doors, hidden hinges, painted white then "antiqued"
-include full height pantries with full-extension shelves, pop-up for KitchenAid stand mixer, 2 lazy Susans, lots of drawers

Corian Cameo White (perimeter counters)
Blue Tapestry granite (island)

Quartersawn wide plank red oak, stained with a mix of equal parts Rosewood and Antique Brown

Painted Beadboard
Blue and white painted tiles

KWC Domo

Wolf 36" gas cooktop
Wolf 30" double ovens
Sub-Zero all-refrigerator (601R)
Sub-Zero all-freezer (601F)
Dacor warming drawer
GE microwave
KitchenAid Superba Dishwasher KUD201FL
KitchenAid 3/4 HP disposal
KitchenAid trash compactor
Marvel Wine Refrigerator
Sharp Aquos 13" TV

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Your house is gorgeous! You all did a great job. Can you get a close-up pic of your granite in the kitchen? I'm trying to decide what I want in mine! :-)

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OK, I've added a close-up picture of my granite to the website. I think it is VERY hard to photograph granite. Reflections and lighting are an issue, and it somehow doesn't really look like it does in real life. But perhaps you can get an idea of its appearance from the picture.

I wasn't even sure I wanted granite, but I do love mine (in fact, I liked it so much that I also used it for the surrounds on my fireplaces). I've found it very easy to care for, and this particular granite doesn't show anything.

Thanks for your nice comments.

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Beautiful kitchen~~ and it keeps well in style with the rest of the home. I love how the curve in the bar chairs complements the granite and bracket on the bar. Now you can relax (maybe) and enjoy it!


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What a wonderful home. Love the pull up shelf for your kitchenaid, wish I thought of that.. Enjoy

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Just beautiul! how awesome! i love all you have done!!!!
thanks for the info on the wallpaper too. it's beautiful!!

enjoy it!!

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Beautiful house. All those choices! You should be proud, you did a great job. Everything looks perfect!

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Gorgeous home. The details are beautiful and all that space must be awesome to live in.

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Just Beautiful! We'd all like to hear the name of the cabs and the granite. The house looks so pretty, is it in the south?

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Thank you all for the kind comments.

I live in Dallas now, but I grew up in Atlanta. I'd like to think my house reflects that Southern heritage.

My back porch was inspired by an L-shaped porch on a place my family calls "The Old House." It's in South Georgia and was built in the 1860's. No one has lived there for many years (it barely has indoor plumbing, and the porch I love connects the kitchen building to the main house). We've celebrated Thanksgiving there with extended family (potluck dinner) for as long as I can remember. Sometimes we have over 200 people attend.

My cabinets were built by a local custom cabinetmaker. I saw a picture in a kitchen designer magazine of the style, and I had them "antiqued" by painting them, rubbing stain over the paint then wiping it off with steel wool.

The granite is called Blue Tapestry. I found it in Atlanta when I was home in April at a place called G&L Marble. I didn't think I wanted granite until I saw this one. Now I wish I'd used it in the whole kitchen! It's really much easier to maintain than the Cameo White Corian that's on the perimeters of the kitchen. That Corian shows everything; I'm becoming a slave to it. Someone told me this granite is similar to Blue Barracuda, but I never found any Blue Barracuda in Dallas to compare.

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I had a great time looking through your albums. Sush a pretty house. I do love your granite.

What is the paint color of your living room? Is the entry hall the same color or something different? I really like your color choices.


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Most of the paint colors in the house are from Martin Senour's Williamsburg palette. The color in the entry hall, living room, kitchen and breakfast room is Wythe House Gold Light.

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Congratulations Weegie! You have a beautiful one of a kind home! You should pat yourself on the back..How long did it take you to build your house? We are in the process of this and so far its been 7 months...SEVEN LONG MONTHS lol
All these decisions have been overwhelming for me! Any advice? Anyway enjoy your home :)

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What a spectacular home and kitchen! Love all the colors, everything looks so inviting!

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weegie, I love your house!! I can't believe it is in Dallas!!!! My first thought was, wow! why aren't there beautiful, classic homes like this in Dallas?!?!?!?

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is the bed in master Baker?
gorgeous house, love the rear view and secret garden and yes definitely southern feel going on.

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Your house is beautiful. I love the access to the laundry rooms from the bedrooms. Good luck with your new home!

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My, it's lovely! It has dignity and integrity, and looks like it will give pleasure for a long time to come.

Can I ask about the delft tile source? I've been thinking about something similar for a backsplash to my stove.


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I liked the house a lot. I was also interested in the counter brackets. Were they custom-made? I would have liked to get something like that for my own counter but could not find anything. I have metal brackets, which I do like but want to know more about yours.

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The house took about 10 months start to finish. We did have some delays early on because of rain. The bed in the master bedroom is a Henkel-Harris pencil post. The blue and white tiles I got at Antique Floors in the Decorative Center here in Dallas. I can't find the manufacturer's name right now, but I will keep looking for it. The cabinet man supplied the brackets, so I'm guessing they were custom made. They're a pretty simple design, though, so I bet any carpenter could replicate them.

Thank you all for your kindness. You have made my day! Special thanks to Beths96 who encouraged me to post my pictures here in the gallery.

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What a beautiful house. I just love the kitchen
That tv is great. We are in the process of doing our kitchen and I would like to have a small tv, but I do not like anything on the counters, can you tell me more about it.
Thanks and lots of luck with the new house

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wow great house. after seeing that house I know that I do not belong in this forum...with my tiny little house.
although my morgage is only $525.00 monthly.
thank God!.....thank you God.

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Diydana, please hang around the forum long enough to discover that there is a warm welcome and good advice here for people with kitchens on all types of budgets.

Pam, the little TV is a Sharp Aquos with a fold-down bracket (though we have YET to fold up that TV).

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This kitchen is too pretty to scroll off....


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