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Almost finished Kitchen remodel - DIY

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Posted on Mon, Jan 15, 07
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We did all the work ourselves including building the cabinets, installing the floors, cabs, appliances, electrical, gas, plumbing, lighting, etc. The only thing we made was the marble counters.

Some more details on the woodworking.

We have spent the last two years learning woodworking and acquiring all the power tools and skills needed to take on such a huge project. It took us longer than expected due to many difficult techniques. The finishing alone took me a month! We had set up the garage for 5 months as a workshop.

1. The cabinet boxes are all made from prefinished 3/4" birch plywood using biscuit joints and pocket holes. The front edges of the plywood is finished with a burgess edge solid red birch insert. (no veneer or tape). The doors are shaker style with a flat front panel and a raised panel on the inside.

2. All the drawers are dovetailed (even though it is an overkill in todays day of pocket screws and glue) but I wanted to learn how to do them well.

3. The grain matching was a difficult task because you have to mark each piece and keep the order correct through the entire process.

4. Highly figured boards were reserved for places like the door above the aquarium etc.


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