reno_fan's Kitchen

Reno_fan's creamy white/glazed kitchen

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Posted on Thu, Mar 10, 05
Link to kitchen photos:



All labor done by us, and kind-hearted friends who knew what they were doing!

We still have 2 pendant lights to hang

Our remodel was an afterthought, really. We had a little bit of money left after
replacing our HVAC system, and thought, "Well, we should get some new appliances."
Before we knew it, we had torn the kitchen down to the studs! Since this was not the
plan, we had a very small budget to work with. Thankfully, we had some good
connections, and were able to get alot of freebies, and alot at a great discount. I'll post
costs, for anyone else who may want to see how far your budget can take you:

Wow- love this kitchen and you really did do it for so little and it still looks like a million $$$. Amazing, how is the flooring holding up?
You're a very talented lady Reno!


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