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Posted on Tue, Oct 31, 06
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Kitchen is about 10'x13'.

We did a small scale remodel, budget less than $20k (no change to the existing footprint). replaced floor, cabinets, countertops, and appliances; removed drop ceiling and installed pendant and recessed can lights.

We started with a target budget of $12-15k and ended right at $17. The key reason we went over budget was a switch from Corian to granite about halfway through.

Here's how it broke down:

Cabinets - $5200 - we had a 10% credit from Lowes due to some issues with the ordering of our front door. I was extremely impressed with the quality and shipping of the product from Lowes

Labor - $4500 - this was our problem; we had significant quality issues with our GC and the subs he used. We ended up calling in a plumber to fix issues with the diswasher/disposal install (about to ruin my new floor when the dishwasher leaked the first time I ran it) and had our neighbor help hide some of the cosmetic issues with cabinet install

Granite - $3800 - the granite is Santa Cecilia light (although I think it's got more gold than the true SC Light)

Appliances - $2100 - waited for a 20% off sale at Sears (while I would have loved going more high end for appliances, we have so much other work to do on the house, I couldn't justify it. I can always upgrade appliances later). We chose the stainless look b/c of the fingerprint issue - I'd go crazy trying to keep it clean with my 21 month old around!)

Tile - $620 - we used tumbled marble and a burgandy ceramic "racing stripe" to pick up the cranberry color in the granite

I bought as much as I could on sale, with gift cards, on ebay, etc. I shopped around as much as time would allow - I found my knobs and pulls online cheaper than Lowes had them, then found them at Home Depot cheaper than online.


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