mstargardener1's Kitchen

My New Kitchen 99% finished

Contact mstargardener1 (My Page) Posted on Sun, Jan 15, 06
Link to kitchen:


WOW! I went and looked at your slideshow... several times! and the kitchen is stunning. You must be pleased with it. I especially love the red tiles- they are so dramatic. Yet with the pale tone of the cabinets the overall look is still airy.
Amazing! I love your use of color -- bold and fun and elegant. Your tiles are the color I've been searching for -- I was hoping for glass tile but your ceramic are stunning. Also the mitered edges of the cabinet doors really set them apart from ordinary Shaker, kudos to your DH's design sense.

Perhaps the most stunning kitchen I have ever seen...just gorgeous. This is truly a DREAM kitchen! Kudos!

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