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Yahoo!! Kitchen done Here are Pictures!!

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Posted on Thu, Dec 7, 06
Link to kitchen photos: http://www.photobucket.com/albums/r160/janellemiller

Here are the dimensions of my island:
As it is shaped like a triangle with corners cut off ,the actual frame of cabinet is:, 39" to fit the 36" range, then each side of that is 56 1/2", then the ends are 24", then the length of the granite the stool area is 85" and there is a 11 1/2" overhang on the granite there. What I did was took graph paper and made each square 6", then if your granite piece is say 5ft by 10ft (60" by 120") you cut out a rectangle shape to match and the start folding corners to come up with the right size and shape. I love the cooktop on the island for a few reasons, First I had gotten used to range cooking there w/ old layout of kitchen, I like looking out into the area and towards people at counter while I'm cooking, I do most my prep work to the left of the range and my island sink is on that end so it is very convenient, when we have parties or holiday gatherings I sometimes leave pots on the grates to stay warm and serve from there. I believe if you have the room it works great! My big dilema was not having the big range and stovetop w/ hood as a focal point on one of my walls, but w/ a large window on one wall and a furnace vent going up the other I had no choice you just make something else the focal point. Sorry this is lengthy but hope it is helpful!!! JMil


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