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Finished Kitchen Pics - Thanks for the help!

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Posted on Sun, Jul 16, 06
Link to kitchen photos:

It has been an 8 month process overall including planning. The actual remodel took almost 7 weeks. We re-tiled the foyer and completely remodeled the downstairs kitchen, bath and mudroom. We added a new sliding door in the kitchen where a large picture window used to be. We also removed the soffits in the kitchen and mudroom and extended the cabinets to the ceiling. We also added recessed lighting in all rooms. I purchased almost everything on line so let me know if you have any questions.

I am looking for tile for my backsplash with varied color which your pics seem to show. Can you tell me what the name of the tile you used in your backsplash?
Your kitchen is beautiful!! I'm just beginning my remodel and am trying to determine what size to make my island. My kitchen looks to be the same size as yours. Do you by any chance know how wide your island is and how wide the kitchen itself is offhand? Thanks. Lee
I love your pendant lights! What brand are they/where did you get them?
Thanks! Sara
Wow! I so love your black iron chandelier in the kitchen and would love to get some like it for my great room. Could anyone help me find them? Thanks!
I am looking for black iron chandeliers like the one pictured here. Could anyone help me find them? Thanks!
i love it- but i'm wondering what you did for over-the-range ventilation.
My designer is trying to talk me out of soapstone, because he thinks it will not hold up to the wear and tear of my busy family. What are your thoughts?
Soapstone used to be used for chemistry labs. It is a soft stone, however, and you'll have to be okay with with it aging--inevitable chips and all. I seriously considered it but didn't want the maintenance--it has to be oiled periodically.

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