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tofu_dog's 99.9% finished kitchen

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Posted on Sat, Jul 19, 08
Link to kitchen photos:

More details:
Our kitchen is fairly compact, a typical size for a San Francisco Victorian flat built in 1892. It's an efficient 10' x 11' galley style floorplan, open to the dining room on one end and the deck on the other. We did all the planning and design ourselves and relied on a general contractor to execute it. Everything from the old 1980s kitchen was taken out, except for the more recent soap dispenser. We resold all the old appliances, fixtures, and cabinet hardware on Craigslist. We also made ample use of Craigslist, eBay, and online vendors to acquire appliances and materials. In fact, the new range, used (but pristine) hood, and countertop fabricator all came by way of Craigslist, saving us megabucks.

CabinetsWall >36"high
Filtered Water Faucet
Frameless Cabinets
Full Extension Drawers
LightingUnder Cabinet
Sink >30"wide
Soap Dispenser
Spice Storage
Trash Pullout
Water Filter
Integral sink
Glass tile backsplash
All-fluorescent lighting

Nice design & pictures! I never thought about selling the items on craigslit. I'll consider it. Would you mind sharing how much you spent on the remodel?

I love your stainless/backsplash combination. Its simply beautiful and sophisticated. Bravo.
Hi Tofu Dog. Love your kitchen. Was thinking about doing same backsplash. Do you mind telling me where you got these? Also, if the grout/glass holding up to the heat and grease from the stove? I'm debating on doing stainless steel but prefer glass behind the stove, not sure if it will hold up okay over time. Your input is very much appreciated!!

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