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Finished kitchen - red, yellow, and blue

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Posted on Mon, Jun 18, 07
Links to kitchen photos:

The tall pantry is 15" wide and 80" tall (24" deep). We bought a couple extra interior drawers for it. It holds about 2/3 of our non-refrigerated food, including my ever-growing collection of oils and vinegars.

The copper panels were made by a sheet metal guy our GC knows. We gave him the schematics that came with the JennAir appliances and he figured out the best way to do the panels. Some of them have returns on the edges -- like the lid of a shoebox -- and some of them have filler (cardboard?) between the copper and the actual door.

The tiles were one of those things where you get yourself into a project without realizing the scope until it's too late. I wanted antique Dutch tiles, or even modern Dutch tiles that were painted, not printed, but there was no way they'd fit in the budget. So I went to a pottery supply store, bought bisque tiles, bought glazes, and went to work. The pottery supply place also fired the tiles for me, for way cheaper than any of the 'paint your own' pottery places. In the end, I not only did the kitchen backsplash but also wrote out some quotations in red glaze for the bathroom, and painted pictures of animals for the fireplace surround. In all, I painted over 300 tiles. It took me a year. :o Like I said, I didn't realize the scope when I first started out. On the bright side, each finished tile cost about a dollar, and it provided a hobby.


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