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From Dark Cherry with Granite to Painted White with Soapstone

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Posted on Sat, Jan 23, 10
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While my kitchen was fine before, I wanted to love being in it. I wanted more room so we removed the island. I've always wanted a Wolf Range and this was the only way I was getting it. We also desperately needed to lighten it up. Because we only have one tiny window and it's on the west side of our house, we don't get much sun.

I LOVE not having that island. The kitchen was simply too small for an island. It was obtrusive and clustered. I never used it to cook on, so I didn't lose any "prep" space. I felt that I couldn't move in the kitchen before


Apron Sink
Glass Doors

beautiful and inspirational to me. what color is the wall painted???
yes i was wondering the same: what color is the wall painted?
How difficult was it to paint your cabinets? There are beautiful and just the look I want. Did you do the painting yourself or hire someone? If hired, was it very expensive? Any sanding involved?
Thanks!! and great job!!

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