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Mine's done - IKEA Adel White


Contact: gina_w (My Page)
Posted on Sat, Aug 26, 06
Link to kitchen photos:


The peninsula is 5' long, 3' wide and a 1' overhang

Hi Gina,
I really like your kitchen. It's got a wonderful Japanese feeling to it.

The only thing that bothers me about it is how the tops of the cabinets are at a different height than the top of the window.

I wonder how it would look if you got one of those shelves that stick up on the wall - no brackets underneath, or anything, and put that over the window to line up with the cabinets.. then put more dynamite things on top of it...

I have been considering those exact cabinet pulls from Ikea for my new cabinets, however, my friends are trying to disuade me from getting them saying I will catch my clothing on them. Have you had this problem yet?

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