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Posted by Zzz2005 (My Page) on Thu, Aug 18, 05 at 10:26

Our kitchen is almost 99% done (only a pocket door and transome window to dining
room to install and some clean-ups on the painting, etc.) so we thought it would be
good to share our photos with the forum. Our renovations have been very extensive
throughout the house but by far the most of our personal design and planning time
went into the kitchen. The house was built in the mid 1980's and really needed
updating. Thanks to the incredible support and knowledge of the posters on the
Kitchen,Appliance and Flooring forums, the end result is far different and far better
than we ever could have imagined when we started the planning process almost a
year ago.

Here are the details of what I can remember:

Cabinets: Merit Cabinets, custom painted maple and stained cherry "Whistler" syle
Floors: 3/4" solid American Walut
Gaggenau 27" double ovens
Gaggenau 24" combination steam
DeDietrich 36" Induction cooktop (imported from Woodalls/We-Sell-It.UK)
U-Line refrigerator drawers
U-Line bar fridge
Jenn-Air counter-depth refrigerator
Kenmore Elite dishwasher (all in architect series)
Faber range insert into custom built hood

Sinks: Kohler stainless steel apron sink and Elkay undermount
Faucets: Pegasus spring style from Home Depot.com
Knobs/Pulls: aluminium bar pulls from Coolknobsandpulls.com
Counters: Brazillian soapstone (not sure the type and sorry they aren't freshly oiled in the pics) on the perimeter, Volga Green granite on the island and eating bar (where kids will be eating and banging their forks, etc.)
Backsplash: slate mini tiles behind main sink area counter, stainless steel behind cooktop, soapsone on built-in hutch and cork tiles behind desk area (I know it sounds like a lot, but we think it works)

That's it, I think. Thanks to all posters for your helpful insights and tips.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Photos

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BEAUTIFUL! What a transformation. I absolutely LOVE your hutch, window seat, and island. great job!!! Really really lovely.

 o RE: Finished Kitchen Photos

Very nice!! I love the contrast colors.

 o RE: Finished Kitchen Photos

Absolutely gorgeous transformation. I thoroughly enjoyed this slide show. Congratulations and enjoy that new kitchen!!

 o RE: Finished Kitchen Photos

Fabulous! It's truly stunning! I really love what you've done! Great job!! Enjoy!

 o RE: Finished Kitchen Photos

Vey nice remodel. I have to ask how the storing of the glasses in the base cabinet is working out? We are planning on keeping our bowls and plates in a base cabinet, but I didn't think glasses would work. What keeps them from falling over and breaking?

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 o RE: Finished Kitchen Photos

Very beautiful kitchen - you must be thrilled to death with the way it turned out! And I must ask - what kind of wood floors do you have?? I love them!

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Wonderful job! Very unique and beautiful! Congrats!

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Thanks for all of your kind comments. DonnainMD, we used the drawer approach mainly so our kids (5,3 and 0) would be able to get their own glasses and help with unloading the dw (hasn't quite happened yet!). Although we were a bit worried about it, the glasses have not yet been a problem. We do have the self-closing drawers (I don't think they are blu-motion, but same idea) and that I think might be the key. In any event, no problems yet.

Ruddycat -- our floors are American Walnut. They do not show up as very hard on the hardness scales so I think some are turned off by them, but the finish we have on them is pretty good and they seem to be holding up well. They might not be for everyone because they do show quite a bit of the dirt, etc., but we love them and haven't been bothered by the clean-up factor (but then again, when you have kids, you have a mess to deal with no matter what color the floors are!).

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Beautiful, I love your combination of materials and finishes. Enjoy!

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A gorgeous kitchen!
Is your hardwood floor an on-site finish or a pre-finished floor?
I am considering an induction cooktop and the Gaggenau combi oven. Do you mind sharing some insights to the importing and shopping for these units? Was it a lot of hassle at custom, installation and permit inspection? I am also wondering about servicing for the import, too. Thank you.

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  • Posted by: Zzz2005 (My Page) on Wed, Aug 24, 05 at 17:25

    Leetikes -- our floors were pre-finished.

    We imported from We-Sell-it.co.uk (the vendor's non-web name is Woodalls) via AFFA like others on the appliance forum have spoke about. The importing process went quite smoothly as it was all done by UPS. There was an import charge from UPS as well as duty from Canada Revenue Agency of about Cdn. $500 or thereabouts. I don't think people importing to the US have been having problems. The permit has not yet been issued, but the electrician thought there was little risk that the inspector would twig to the idea that the cooktop was any different from something you might buy from the local appliance store.

    The Gaggenu's we imported from the US only because the cost was amazingly cheaper than our local store. The process was quite simple, although I understand that the vendor from whom we imported no longer ships to Canada).

    Service for the Gaggs should be easy and done through the local authorized service guy because they came from the US. Not sure if the same would hold true if they were imported from Europe. The cooktop, however, could be a problem if something goes wrong as there would be no authorized service techs. The cost to repair would be our ticket, although I understand there is little to go wrong on these units (keeping my fingers crossed).

    Hope this helps.


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