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Posted on Thu, Aug 10, 06
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The biggest headache with this was the thing I wanted the most, of course. The ceiling to counter cabinet/drawers. I did it because I hated reaching into the far corners in the old kitchen. It was dead space. This way, I figured I'd have a nice place to display glasses and the drawers, while really shallow, are great for the odds and ends that we accumulate (take-out menus, napkins, gum, etc). The reason this cabinet was a challenge was because no one seemed to know what needed to be installed first -- that cabinet or the counter. Turns out, they needed to install the cabinet b/c while it looks like it rests on the counter, it really doesn't. They slid the counter under it. Also, the bottom drawer needed to be cut to accomodate the backsplash -- something that I happened to notice and mentioned to the cabinet people.

...I lost my pantry, I use one of my two lazy susans (both on either side of the stove) as a pantry.

The entire room is 8x8 and, as you can see, it has a "pony" wall.

What a difference between your before and after. I love your choice of darker cabinetry and countertops - they make your compact kitchen look warm and inviting.

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