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Contemp kitchen in cherry, granite and Stainless Steel

Contact: jcthorne (My Page)
Posted on Sun, Aug 14, 05
Link to kitchen photos: http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a375/jcthorne/

Thornoli's attracts good eats, good friends, love and fun.

So the plaque above the fridge reads. This kitchen was part of a whole house remodel and expansion. Project has been planned and worried over for 5 years. Purchasing and contracting started June 2004, major construction in Sept. 04, major construction complete April 05 and most final touches done by end of July.

We did a good deal of the work ourselves including the floors, lighting and electrical (after I fired the electrician).

beautiful kitchen. How color is your granite?
Dear "jcthorne" of -J & L Thorne's New Kitchen,
Your kitchen is beautiful! Would you PLEASE tell me the name of your kitchen countertop & backsplash? Is it granite? Where did you have it fabricated? BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY what is the NAME OF IT/COLOR and where can I find it????. Please respond as I am searching all over trying to find the name of it, as I cannot seem to find it under your kitchen blog. I randomly stumbled upon this, so I'm brand new to this website. I'm not sure if this email will even get to you.
I tried contacting jcthorne via an old email address but the email didn't go through.

But.. both stonegirl and vrjames have identified the granite as most probably either Blue Pearl or Emerald Pearl.
~ starpooh
thanks! I appreciate your efforts.

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