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Posted on Wed, May 31, 06
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The kitchen work is not quite complete – one of the big to-do’s is the backsplash. I’ll update the pictures when we get that in! There are a couple of other minor pending items, but for the most part, the kitchen is done and usable.

Floor plan remained pretty much the same. We moved the family room doorway 10 inches to the right to give us a bit more space next to the cooktop. The change that made the most difference was moving the laundry room wall out 3 ft, thus opening up the doorway to the sun room into the kitchen. Made the whole space look more open/accessible. Got rid of the broom closet – converted this to a small nook with a counter and base/upper cabinets. Upper cabinet here has glass doors and a light within the cabinet.

Main things we love:
- The extended space, the easy access to the sun room.
- The cooktop and the hood, vented to the outside! What a difference!
- The recessed lighting with the dimmers.
- The seating at the peninsula
- The soft close, easy gliding drawers – kids love to slam the drawers!!

We love the corner sink. I was very apprehensive about it in the beginning - but it gave us a lot more usable space in terms of counter space and usable cabinets. The previous location (right under the window) would have resulted in us having two tight corner cabinets. Besides, the counter space in the corner is usually a waste - so having the sink there helps out a great deal!

The kitchen (including the eat in area) was 20x12 before the remodel - after the remodel, it was 23x12. We moved the laundry room wall out 3 ft.

The pantry cabinet is 27inches wide- the usable space inside the cabinet is a little over 25inches.

What are the dimensions of your peninsula? How much of an overhang for seating? 12 inches, 10 inches?

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