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Another kitchen finally done!

Posted by loriafopiano (My Page) on Mon, Jun 6, 05 at 13:54

I know a lot of you folks have seen bits and pieces of my kitchen along the way, but I finally got around to taking and posting some finished pix. I apologize for the weird order of the pictures; it's difficult to move things around in photobucket.

Thanks to everyone who helped in the process, and taught me about vacsweeps, full-extension drawers, and more!

The perimeter cabinets are custom maple with a brown glazing; the island is linen white with the same glaze.

We kept the existing floor, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Our old oven range has been moved to the basement (like a good Italian family!) for overflow on parties and holidays; we didn't want to waste cabinet space with a second oven.

I think I've detailed pretty much everything else on the individual photobucket pages, but any questions just let me know.

Thanks to all, and best of luck to everyone still working on their own kitchens!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lori's finished kitchen

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beautiful job-- what kind of granite is it?

I really love the way you customized the cabinetry for your needs-- drawers; esp. drawers for the desk area...


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beautiful kitchen!!! are you happy with that tv?

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Thanks for the nice comments!

Lisa, I can't believe what a difference having organized drawers has made for us. We keep everything so much more tidy, and can actually find things!

Just updated the photobucket with the name of our granite: Golden Vyara or Vyara Classico. Big DUH! to me for forgetting to post that!

missyml, the TV is great. I don't watch it much, but DH and DS love it. Honestly, I'm not too crazy about the undercabinet bracket as I think it's rather cumbersome. Again, hubby loves it 'cuz we can fold it up and away, and it swivels. He just loves gadgets...

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What a wonderful kitchen! Everything just complements so well together.

BTW, I ordered the Aquasana water filter after seeing one of your earlier pictures. Ours is not installed yet. How do you like the dispenser and the quality of the water?

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Everything looks just beautiful - and so well organized - obviously a lot of thought went into the planning. Congratulations!!

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Beautifully executed! Wonderful combination/choice of materials! You have truly achieved a warm and elegant looking kitchen that looks as if will function VERY well for many years to come. Congrats!!

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Thanks all!

Yogini2, the Aquasana is working out just fine. I have to say I've never had one before, so don't have anything to compare it to. The oddest thing, to me, is that the faucet is not pressurized. That is, it doesn't come out with force or make any noise. However, the people at Aquasana say this is by design; it supposedly reduces the chances of flooding should a filter start leaking or something. Also, it drips for a few seconds after turning off; again, they tell me this is normal. So once we got used to these few "quirks", we have to say we like it; my son uses the term "glorious" to describe the taste, and our family's water consumption has gone way up! And also the system is well-rated and the price is good.

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Lori, it's lovely! I especially love the finish on the cabinets! Do you happen to know what sheen your Linen White cabinet paint is and what brand/color your brown glaze is? Did they clear coat with anything after they glazed? I'm hoping to do my own cabinets in the near future :)


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Catkin, thank you! I have no idea what the cabinetmaker did/used. He never had any of his samples labelled, but knew them all in his head; we just picked out what we liked, and he did it. The painted island looks like an eggshell sheen, and I know it was done with conversion paint. I believe the perimeters were lacquered.

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Beautiful! It's just terrific! Enjoy! Deb

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Beautiful kitchen. That is the kind of bracket we want for our tv. Can you tell me where you got it and what kind it is? We got one but it doesn't fold like that. Does yours swivel? Thanks!

 o RE: Another kitchen finally done!

Thank you!

Ariadni6, yes the bracket folds and swivels. We got the Sharp bracket model AN-PUCM; I think there may be other companies who make brackets compatible with the Sharp Aquos, but we decided to stick with Sharp to be on the safe side. We bought it on amazon.com.

Here is a link that might be useful: tv bracket

 o RE: Another kitchen finally done!

Wow! Thanks. That is exactly what we need and I didn't know Sharp made one. I will order it today! I had already bought the 13" Aquos.

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What a wonderful kitchen. You really added a lot of personality to your kitchen. I love the little details...the plates, the bowl for your 'in-use' towels. Very, very nice. Lots of personal touches that make the kitchen so inviting. The finish on your cabinets is great, too. Enjoy it for years to come!

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Bella 4, I was afraid the kitchen was going to end up rather bland, as the counters, perimeter cabinets, and backsplash are similar in color. I'm hoping the "personal touches" you mention help to jazz things up a little without looking cluttered. Thanks for the kind words!

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It's so warm and lovely. That granite is to die for. You've pulled it all together so well.

Thanks for posting how you attached the plates to the backsplash. I hadn't thought of that.


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Another fan here of your completed kitchen. Just loving seeing these completed projects. Keeps me going and inspired. Your kitchen is just beautiful. I agree, all the little tuscan touches like the plates and wall paper make it so special. Love the way you attached the plates. Hope you are enjoying it all!

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Very elegant. Beautiful colors. Seems restfull. Congratulations on a beautiful kitchen!

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Just a quick look...gotta get home but I like the paper towels near the monitor so you can wipe off the coffee/tea/martini when you go bwawawawwaaaa at the screen!


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Lori, I LOVE your kitchen! You did a fabulous job. I am proud for you, girl!

I think you did a great job doing your own drawer dividers. Where did you get the gizmos to slide in and hold your divider rails? I just asked my 13 year old son to do some of my drawers like yours! Can you direct me?

Thank you! Congratulations!


 o RE: Another kitchen finally done!

Thanks all for the compliments on the kitchen! I don't know why it means so much to me to have you all write such nice things, but it sure does feel good! I guess it's because I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's kitchens for so long, and hoped and prayed my own would come out okay.

I was glad to figure out a way to hang the plates without needing to permanently damage the tiles. I didn't know if the 3M command products would work, but they seem to be holding up nicely.

MsAzadi, too funny! I guess that's another good reason for the paper towels being there! I had actually put them there so people can cover whatever they're heating in the microwave and eliminate splatter; I forbid people to use any kind of plastic or plastic wrap in the microwave (one on my latest idiosyncrasies).

vasheri, the drawer dividers might be a bit much for your 13-year-old unless you trust him with power tools. Before I begin, I�d just like to say that the drawer dividers were rather tedious to make, but certainly not difficult. We decided to do our own for several reasons: we liked the look of wood, we couldn�t find reasonably priced wooden ones big enough to fit our drawers, and we wanted to do several drawers and wanted to do them economically.

So, we bought some �" plywood, some wood edgebanding like this, and a few products we found at Outwater Plastics (I�ll provide the links here, but for some reason they always seem to lead to a page with a stop sign on it; just click where it says "click to continue" and you should get to the right page).

First, we figured out how we wanted to divide the drawer and cut the plywood to the appropriate dimensions. For the first divider, we fastened pieces of binning strip in the proper spots in the drawer with 3M removable adhesive tape, then inserted the strip of plywood. If the next divider we wanted to put in was going to butt up to the first divider, we used these tack in divider supports, and then more binning strip where it attached to the drawer.

(sidenote: the tack in divider supports� nails are a bit too long to hammer into the �" plywood, so we trimmed them with wire snips first).

After all the dividers were done, we used the wood edgebanding to finish the tops.

If you don�t mind plastic, these look a whole lot easier! Alas, they only come in two heights.

I hope this is makes sense; let me know if I need to clarify anything!

I love your corbels! Where did you find them?
LOVE your kitchen! I have been looking for a kitchen where all knobs were used (no pulls)...yours looks great! What kind of knobs did you use? I'm also a big fan of your backsplash!
LOVE your kitchen...the colors, the details...the tv! I have been looking for orb knobs and I was wondering what type you have. Any help would be appreciated!



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