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French Country Kitchen with Pressed Tin Backsplash

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Posted on Mon, Feb 1, 2010
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The kitchen is 17' on the sink side, 11' on the oven/fridge side by 13 1/2' wide.
The dimensions of the island itself are 5'x2' plus alittle overhang of the granite. The space between the island (from the outside of the overhang) to the fridge is 40". The space between island and sink is 41" and the space at the end of the island between it and the cooktop is 38". Going from the bottom, left and around (to the right of the sink), 21" cabinet, DW, 33" sink base w/4" bump outs on either side, trash compactor, 2-30" cabinets, corner super susan, 21" drawer set, 36" under range top cabinets w/4" bump outs on either side, 21" drawer set, corner super susan, 15" drawer set, wall ovens w/33" drawer under, then fridge.
Uppers are (starting at same point) 40" cabinet, window, 2-42" cabinets, 18" cabinet with filler at end, back wall is just hood & wwall & windows, filler at corner, 33" cabinet, 15" cabinet, 33" cabinet above wall oven, then fridge. All lower cabinets have pull outs, above fridge has dividers.


TOTAL - $78,335.72
I am in a suburb of New York City - and the prices reflect that.
We sold our old kitchen on Craig’s List for $1,500.

The space is different than the original kitchen. Behind the original was a small powder room and tiny laundry room. Each had a window in it. First we did a small addition on the other side of the house for a powder room and big laundry room, then we knocked down the wall and opened up the space. We actually had to move both windows several inches - annoying but well worth it to achieve the symmetry needed.

My GC built the hood. He carved it with wood, covered it with masonite, then sheetrock. Then it was painted, plastered & glazed. The mouldings were all ordered with the cabinetry so it matched. Obviously the guts of the vent cost $, but the hood itself cost me a days labor plus materials, paint, etc.

Coffee Center
Counter Depth Frig
Cutting Board Storage
Drawer Dividers
Frameless Cabinets
Full Extension Drawers
Gourmet Professional
Hood Custom
Instant Hot Water
Island without Seating
Lazy Susan
Lighting Recessed
Lighting Under Cabinet
Rollout Trays
Sink Tilt-out
Sink>30in Wide
Soap Dispenser
Trash Compactor
Tray Divider
Unique Hardware
Wicker Baskets
Unique backsplash - pressed tin ceiling tile look, in stainless as backsplash.

Thanks for posting your beautiful kitchen. Thanks also for listing the prices of the components - it's very helpful to see what things actually cost.

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