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ikea/lacanche downtown nyc loftstyle townhouse kitchen

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Posted on Sun, Apr 2, 06
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This space had built built as a diner in 1954. By 1989 it was a romantic French restaurant. We lived on the second and third floor.

Turning this into our kitchen and living/family space was quite a challenge. All that we saved was the large window in front and parts of the floor.

Our idea was to use the beautiful 3 dimensional negative space as the controlling design element. We turned the restaurant door into a window and uncovered six windows in back that had been covered over by the restaurant.

The kitchen is an "L" with an oversized 13'x3' island. Flow would be more efficient if we cut the island in two, but my wife prefers it this way. We entertain rarely, but when we do, the layout is perfect. We often have two people working in the kitchen; and when we do we appreciate the 48" passages around the island. There is plenty of room for two or more chefs.

A couple we lent the space to for their wedding reception, served a sit-down meal for 93 people!

We have a very large work triangle. It is slowly teaching us to plan our workflow better.

Work is still in progress, as you can see by the open sheetrock in various places.


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