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Our nearly finished galle(r)y kitchen

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Posted on Sun, Jul 22, 07
Link to kitchen photos:

The wall art is by Steve Cambronne.
The figs are by Frank Fleming and the birdhouse is by Brenda Dailey-Parsons. She doesn’t appear to have a website, but her work in clay is exquisite. The coffee sign is also by Steve Cambronne.
Cooking area. Painting by Grady Barrow and mixed media by Chris Bruno.

Corner next to large opening between dining room and kitchen. Painting by M Blue Horn and clay by Brenda Dailey-Parsons (again). Blue does very interesting work with text in her painting, and does commission work at a very fair price. Can be a great piece of personalized art for someone. See her personal website at Blue (We linked to Naked Art the first time, just because we love Naked Art.)

Dining room wall with cabinetry. We were trying to make this all feel like one room, so we put matching cabinets in here as well. Chair by Richard Jacobus To be fair to Richard, who is a wonderful artist, I’ve provided one of his shots of a very similar chair. My photo doesn’t do it justice.


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