measure_twice's Kitchen

accurate measurement, graph paper, sharp pencil, and an eraser.
DeltaCAD software for all layouts AFTER double-checking all measurements.

Cabinet carcasses and drawers: Ikea
Cabinet doors: Randy Howse, unfinished
Door finish: Minwax Golden Oak stain and sealer. Minwax polyurethane Wiping Finish.

counter: Laminate
style: post-formed, no-drip edge,
laminate maker: Wilsonart laminate,
color: Artesia
From: Home Depot. About $20 per linear foot

Installation: DIY. Took 10 minutes. The cabinets were level and the delivery people lifted the counters onto the cabinets. Done! HD quote for counter installation: $950

Daltile off-white 4x4 inch
accent tiles 6x6 inch by Flying Horse Pottery, seconds quality bought at craft fairs in new England.
Mural of guayacamas (macaw parrots) over Puerto Vallarta from Tierra y Fuego


porcelain tiles that emulate saltillo pavers
Grout is "terracotta" color.

Floor Tiles
maker: Italgres
country: Spain
Compsition: porcelain
Model: Manet
Color: Cotto and also Blu
size: 33.3x33.3 cm (13 x 13 in)
Web site:
warning: this web site is nauseating. It is high-bandwidth, uses full-screen popup windows, and does not provide much information. It is an exercise in BAD DESIGN!
Direct link to PDF file of that tile:

Here is a link that might be useful: measure_twice's kitchen


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