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Sharon G's rearranged kitchen

Posted by Sharon_G_in_MA (My Page) on Fri, Jun 17, 05 at 11:52

Hi all -- the bulk of the remodel has been done for awhile. There are still some finishing touches to add (glass shelves, end panels in places I think need it) but most of the work is done.

This was more of an extreme refacing than a total gut. We kept 9 cabinet boxes and added six new cabinets plus doors to match the rest. The cabinets and doors are Merillat Masterpiece -- ordered in unfinished maple. I painted them with Schreuder acrylic paint, color White Lace (available through Fine Paints of Europe). The finish is simple, lovely and wonderfully durable.

The kitchen footprint is the same, but the refrigerator is where the range used to be and vice versa. By making this change, it allowed me to vent the microhood to the outside (by running ductwork over top of cabinets behind the crown, and outside) and put a counter depth refrigerator in a much less obtrusive place. I was able to then put a narrow pantry next to it for dedicated food storage. The kitchen was somewhat attractive before but now functions WAY better. Everything has its own place.

My installer was patient and wonderful! Every single cabinet was taken apart and moved or replaced. All trim is new and came from stock at Home Depot or Lowe's.

I still need to paint the ceiling. Wall paint is Ellen Kennon's Mustard Seed.

Granite: New Venetian Gold
Sink: Rohl Allia 6307
Faucet: Kohler Vinnata in Brushed Nickel
Range: Dacor Millenia with matching OTR microhood
Refrigerator: KA SxS counterdepth in white (accepts panel)
Dishwasher: Bosch
Floor tile: Existing (circa 1994)
Backsplash: Walker Zanger mosaic liner plus field tile by Sonoma Tileworks (Artisan 3x6 in Mocha)

Favorites: Sink and faucet, 3" spice pullout. Love the colors in my WZ tile liner and the KraftMaid leaded glass inserts I got off ebay.

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Direct link. Hope this works!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharon G's kitchen

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Really lovely. I wanted to order unfinished Kraftmaid and paint them myself, but I chickened out. It's nice to see that it can turn out beautiful. (Can't wait to show my skeptical husband).
Everything looked great. Granite, backsplash, and I especially liked your slide-in Dacor.

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Sharon - it looks great. I can't believe you took apart and moved your old cabinets - how old were they? Could you tell me what kind of sink you put in? Thanks.

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Sharon, How beautiful! I just *love* your kitchen. Especially the backsplash. We have been trying to come up with some backsplash ideas and I need to show yours to my DH as inspiration!

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Thanks all. To clarify, I did not take apart each cabinet; they were all taken apart from each other and reinstalled. That probably makes better sense. The doors (white thermofoil) and moldings were discarded and any scuffs on the boxes were touched up. I was lucky not to have to repaint all the boxes! The hardest thing was finding the right hinges. Thank goodness for Internet shopping!

The cabinets (and floor and recessed lighting) dated to when the kitchen addition was built in '94. They were Merillat and in very good shape. Sturdy with some upgrades. The kitchen was somewhat functionally problematic but was in good shape and not trash-worthy. In 15 years I'll pull it all out for Crown Point and soapstone. :)

Mlaj2000 -- tell your skeptical hubby that Merillat Masterpiece is the same as KraftMaid, so this is how your cabinets could have looked! I'm very happy with how they turned out, but I did have lots of experience painting cabinets and I am very anal about the process. Ordering them unfinished voided the warranty but I was willing to take the risk because it was not an entire kitchen.

dmlove -- the sink is from the Rohl Allia undermount fireclay series and I absolutely love it!

jerzeegirl, thanks! You can come over and see it any time, now that I'm done painting. Bring DH too! I love the materials in my backsplash but I do see things I shoulda-woulda-coulda done. Oh well.

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It is gorgeous Sharon. I love the openness of your kitchen. I can't believe that you painted those cabinets. They look soooooo good. I'm taking down your info in case I have to paint some of mine. Enjoy your new space.

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Sharon, your kitchen turned out beautifully. I really love the leaded glass in your cabinets and how light and bright it all looks after the painting. Outstanding!

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Oh Sharon - it looks GREAT! Must be nice to have that wine fridge - I'm so jealous. I love the glass cabinets and the pulls, especially. The sink is also fabulous. Great backsplash too. Well, clearly I could go on and on...

I'm so glad I checked in here to see it done! You did a GREAT job!

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Your kitchen looks beautiful!!! I especially love your Millennia Range.

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Your kitchen looks as though you gutted it down to the studs, absolutely wonderful..........nothing I don't like. Love the detail in the backsplash, just the finishing touch. Thanks for sharing it with all of your forum friends.

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love your kitchen! I think that the backsplash and countertop look beautiful together: it's hard to pull off those creamy tones in an all-white kitchen but you did it in an elegant, fresh way. I Would you please do me the favor of posting your backsplash and countertop pictures on the "Beautiful Backsplashes" thread? And if you could list the manufacturers and colors of your tile as well. Thanks, sweetie, and what a gorgeous kitchen.

By the way, how's the pool project?

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What a great job! I just love seeing completed projects. It gives me hope. You must be thrilled to be done, but as a true TKOer you're already projecting 15 years into the future with Crown Point and soapstone. I looove it! And trust me, 15 years will be here before ya know it. Enjoy!

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Thanks you guys! I am incapable of anything "being done," which is probably why I didn't get around to finishing my kitchen until we started planning a pool. I just love the whole kitchen remodeling process -- I've done three and planned five, including my mom's modest ranch kitchen and a kitchen design for a house we had to sell before finishing! I wish I could get Crown Point next year, but that would mean having to move. Not gonna happen.

Thanks all for the kind words. Cindy, that is very nice of you to ask me to post my backsplash on your thread, which has been such a huge contribution to the forum. As for the pool project, we're still in the design phase but it looks like we'll be moving forward in a month or two when we get all the details hammered out.

This week, I'm living it up at the beach in a kitchen that has stainless and UbaTuba -- but is sorely lacking to us TKOers. I mean, a double sink that's only 6 inches deep?!? Probably 20-gauge stainless?!?! No vent system?!! A bar-height counter that is 2 inches too tall? (Yes I brought my tape measure.) Methinks the builders around here need some help.

Or maybe I'm the one who needs help.

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A sink that's only six inches deep? Was it a theatrical prop at one point? Geeze Louise! All the more reason to bring paper plates (etc) to the vacation house. If these are the hardships one must bear to be at the beach, then suffer we must!

Sharon, the world needs more TKOers!!!!! It's not you, it's everyone else. Thanks for posting your backsplash on the "Beautiful Backsplashes" thread. And Sharon, I have a favor to ask you. Due to summertime schedules, I'm not able to check the KF as much. Would you keep an eye on the backsplashes thread to make sure it doesn't fall off before it reaches 100 posts? I'm watching it too, but for some reason, last weekend it came really close to scrolling off.

The oven timer just went off! My bread is done, so I've got to go for the night.


 o It's beautiful...great job...can you tell me about

your wine fridge? do you like it? price? loud? details please. thanks.

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Love the wine fridge. Sorry forgot to mention -- it's a GE Monogram. We decided against the fancy SZ unit, because we drink mostly reds. Whites you don't keep around very long anyway, and when we want them a little colder we just pop them in the regular fridge. For our uses (a moderate amount of storage and a good temp) it is perfect.

It is not noisy at all. We had a Marvel beverage center in a previous home that was noisy. Don't know if Marvels are still noisy, but we steered clear. Also avoided U-Line because of previous problems that might not apply today.

Usually I follow the Appliance Forum mantra of "Friends don't let friends buy GE," but in this case it was our best solution.

Hi Sharon,
Your kitchen is beautiful! We're in the process of remodeling and are looking at the same Rohl sink that you have but we were told that we would need 4-5 inches behind the sink for the did you get around this or is that the amount of space you do have? We were considering moving our base cabinet out to accomodate this but would rather not have to do this. Thanks for your pictures and your help with this!

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