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Really close to being finished!

Posted by sage63 (My Page) on Fri, Sep 30, 05 at 12:48

Here is the link to my kitchen. I just have to put hardware on the island and paint the
woodwork on the windows and doors and make curtain valances for over the

ALL of the wood trim in my house is peeling and is now being stripped down to the
base color (by ME!! - a SLOW process!) and then sanded and repainted in Ralph
Lauren's Oatmeal color. You will see many shades & colors of wood trim ....ignore that
please! :-) Imagine it all matches the crown molding which is done and the correct

The cabinets were custom built in maple and stained on site (a multiple step staining
The granite is lapidus.
The farm sink is copper from e-bay.
The faucet it Cucina Brigida in San Marco Bronze finish.
The backsplash is Westminister Tile tumbled marble in antique gold in the harlequin pattern (NOT jerusalem stone harlequin from Westminister Tile.)

I threw in a few pics of my livng room in progress also. The woodwork in the sunroom (in the background) is supposed to be black. That part is done. (yeah!!)

Thanks for viewing!

Here is a link that might be useful: My almost finished Kitchen....

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 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Here is a link to the Before condition. :-p

Here is a link that might be useful: Before Shots of Kitchen (and whole remodel)

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Let me be the first to say...WOW! What a kitchen! AND WOW! What a house!!!

It looks so warm and inviting! Can I come on over?

My backsplash tile looks so much like yours, but I think mine is by a different manufacturer.

Beautiful! Enjoy! Amanda

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Beautiful, just beautiful! Yeah, I'm so glad to see someone who's not afraid to show PERSONALITY. It's very refreshing - I see so many pics that have all the "right" things but leave me cold. Your pictures are all inviting, warm and creative. Bravo! Well done.

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Here is a corrected link to the Before shots. I added the new pics at the end of the run.

Here is a link that might be useful: Working Link to Before and In Progress Photos

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

LOve the warm and inviting! What is the color you used throughout the kitchen/FR? It comes across as a soft melon with gold undertones. Thanks!

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

It is a muted gold called "Cork" by Benjamin Moore. I used their Ceramic Matte paint and really liked it a lot. I used the color throughout my whole house except for the Master Bedroom suite (b.r./bath/closet-study) which is a chocolate brown color by RL called "Coconut" that I had mixed to match in the BM Ceramic Matte and my kids rooms which are "kid colors" - DD's is bright apple green and DS's is Orange. (That'll wake 'em up in the mornings!) Otherwise it is Cork. I love the unifying way it goes all through my house - it makes everything seem to flow together so much more than when I had a color for the hall, a color for the L.R., a color for the D.R., etc.

 o Really beautiful fits so well in your home...

and is so warm, inviting & timeless. Enjoy.

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Wow, talk about a house right out of an episode of "This Old House"!! You truely have my respect for taking on such a project. Your hard work and vision really paid off. The kitchen is just breathtaking and fits in perfectly with the whole theme. It looks like a home/kitchen out of Provence!

Merveilleux !

 o RE: Really Close to being finished!

I was so excited I forgot my last sentence ...

I was going to say that your home looks as if it could be in one of my favorite catalogs ... Pierre Deux

Check them out at Pierre Deux Exclusive.

 o RE: Really close to being finished!


You have no idea how long I have waited with great anticipation for you to post these finished pictures.

Your "during" photos inspired me to get a copper farm sink. Let me say that your kitchen has turned out to be even far more fabulous that I imagined it would.

By far - one of my favorites!!!

Exquisite taste in decor throughout the whole house ...did you consult someone? Or are you just "that good!" :-)

Bravo .....Beautiful!

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Thank you again, Everyone! Such kind words! My mother, sister and sis-in-law all help me decorate. We all have similar tastes and decor. My sister is the best at furniture placement. I like to "tablescape" (like all the stuff on top of my cabinets and counters and etc.). All of the other decisions were basically decided (with much agony and sleepless nights) by me and bouncing ideas off of my DH by doing many many hours of research here at THS Kitchens & Appliances sites and sitting in Books A Million reading all of the decorator magazines to see what I liked.

I used to antique a lot before everything got so expensive. Now I do a lot of shopping at TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning!! :-D It is amazing what you can find at those places for so much less!

Thanks again everyone, I couldn't have made it through without you all helping me every baby step of the way!! Your advice and posts were invaluable.

 o Correction!

It wasn't jerusalem stone we used on the backsplash but Westminister Tile tumbled marble in antique gold in the harlequin pattern. It really livened up with the sealer the tile guy put on. Much more depth and richer color but NOT NOT NOT shiny. I was specific that I didn't want it to shine.

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Thanks for the inspiration. We're just beginning the process of figuring out what we want to do in our kitchen, and this site is such a help! I've been giving my DH a blow by blow of all the interesting things I've found, and he is fascinated too. Your kitchen is a wonderful inspiration. It is GORGEOUS. You should be so proud! Your copper sink in particular caught my eye, as we have a huge collection of copper pots and pans and I'm trying to get inspiration on what color scheme would look best with them... Yours was perfect! Thank you for all the ideas! LOVE your entire house! Thank you so much for including all the non-kitchen photos too, so one gets an idea of the total look... I think my DH would trade your house for ours in a minute! How do you feel about moving to Seattle?? :-)

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Shoot! We'd LOVE Seattle. We're coffee freaks anyway and I love rainy days! :-) Thanks for the kind words. I love my copper sink and got it from e-bay. The guage is nice and heavy - I've been really pleased with it's performance. It has a small spot by the drain that pools a little but I've heard that the handmade fireclay sinks by Herbeau can do this also and I paid a LOT (LOT) less for mine. It is not a big deal to me as the trade off worth it. I love the look! :-)

Thanks again!

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Okay, Which magazine did you get these pictures out of!Absolutely beautiful!

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

I absolutely love your cabinets. What is the glaze and the technique? You said *multiple* layers, I believe? I'm cabinet searching right now and yours are the most beautiful I've seen.

 o RE: Really close to being finished!

Thanks again, ya'll. Erin - I really wish I could be more specific on my cabinet color. We had a painter (that was really more of an artist) come in and $tain them on $ite. :-) They were maple cabinets and we showed him an antique pine armoire we had and told him that that was the color we wanted to achieve with our kitchen cabinets. It was so totally trial and error till we got there. I think I bit all my fingernails off!! He kept telling me I had to trust him that the next step he did would bring out the color I was wanting. The first yellow stain was SO yellow. Then he airbrushed an amber stain onto that. He "highlighted" the cabinets with the airbrushing technique and pulled out any imperfections we could find (we wanted those to show and we had distressed them lightly before the staining process began!) Then when he had the amber stain perfect and a clear coat of varnish over that I made him go over that with a black artist's paint and wipe "grunge" in the cracks, grooves and dings. He was afraid to do it but it really brought it to life and he was pleased with the final result. (So was I!!) It is an 80-something year old home and I didn not want NEW looking cabinets in there. It had to stay with the character of the home and hopefully feel like they belonged there.

Hope that helps explain it better. I have no actual stain color names to give.


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