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Posted on Sat, Nov 3, 07
Link to kitchen photos: http://s213.photobucket.com/albums/cc53/julier1234/

The stained glass pieces were salvaged from one of my father-in-law's restaurants. They were kept in storage for almost 20 years. My husband wanted to get rid of them, but I just couldn't do it.

The island measures 87" x 29". Unfortunately, it has a measly 6" overhang (KD design error). We have 37" between the island and the fridge/cabinet side and 31" between the island and the sink side. My husband and daughter use it for breakfast and people can sit at the stools (saddle style stools) for coffee, etc.

The weight of the hood is carried by flanges at the top of the round pipe that are bolted to wood we attached in the ceiling before we did the drywall. The flanges are hidden now because we plastered over them to hide them. So basically the connection detail is hidden from sight.

The concrete countertop has been wonderful for me. When they installed it, they waxed it. I removed the wax as I like a more matte look. The sealer is apparently a huge secret. This is the company we used - www.aceconcrete.com. They are local to us. The countertops were made in their warehouse. The color was not custom but one of the company's colors. It's called "burlap". Love it. The counters are extremely smooth and feel satiny. People are absolutely stunned whenever they touch them. We have relatives with concrete counters that say theirs do not feel that way.
The counters are actually 1 1/4 or 1 1/2" (I forgot which), but edges measure out at 2".

The island has a 6" overhang. It's 6" exactly otherwise the fridge would not open all the way.

The hood is 28" above the counter. I thought it might be low, but the fabricator insisted that it was appropriate with our grill (they do commercial restaurant hoods). I have to say we have absolutely no issues odor/smoke/grease wise. The baffles pop into the dishwasher.

The range falls below the countertops, but what you might not realize is that the countertops are 37" high. So....they probably didn't raise or lower anything (a hunch). Yes, the grills are just about flush with the countertops.

The freezer being in a separate location has been great for us. Layout wise, there was no way to put it side by side and I think it would've looked too massive for the size of that section of the kitchen.

The paper towel holder is something I picked up about five years ago at a Bed, Bath & Beyond.


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