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Finished period kitchen - 1925 Craftsman Bungalow

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Posted on Sun, Dec 2, 07
Link to kitchen photos: http://s123.photobucket.com/albums/o301/slander1709/

Kitchen dimensions are 14'7" x 12'9", so it's right around 150 square feet.
The ceilings are about 8'4".
We do not have a microwave. We had one before but rarely used it so we left it out of the design for the new kitchen. If we added one later, we planned to put it on the countertop. The cabinets definitely look creamier in the photos than in real life. In person, they look white rather than off white. When comparing the cabinets to the white subway tiles, however, you can tell that the cabinets are a warmer white. When choosing colors, I was originally attracted by the whitest white (nordic white?), but everyone else seemed to worry that would be too stark. I still wonder whether I should have gone with that white, but my wife prefers the warmer white. It's got maybe a little bit of a yellowish undertone. I got our local Benjamin Moore paint store to color match the cabinet paint. They do a manual color match rather than rely on the computer. We did not get a light rail. I just didn't want that added detail on what were meant to be simple cabinets. I think that all inset cabinets have a cavity underneath. On these cabinets, that cavity is fairly shallow. I chose the Pegasus pucks because they were exceptionally thin allowing me to skip the lightrail.
I got the idea for stopping the backsplash short of the upper cabinets from jgarner53.

Beautiful! I love everything about it!

Of course, I also think your original kitchen was as cute as a bug's ear! :)
lovely...love that there is no recessed lighting!

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