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Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Posted by faithab (My Page) on Wed, Aug 3, 05 at 16:19

Dear All,

My kitchen has been so long in the making that I am concerned that all the dear
people who helped me with all my many question may have moved on to other things. Darn.

But some of you may have been online that fateful night when I was busily reading
all sorts of helpful threads and letters about kitchens. I decided to hop over to my
Email and found a letter from a publisher telling me that, YES, they wanted to
publish my latest book. EEEeeeee. I was so excited that I just had to tell someone
(mind you, it was 11:30 and DH was sound asleep) so I E-screamed in excitement
in a letter. All who read it made me promise to tell them when the book was out.
Well, it is!

The editing and writing ground kitchen work to a halt but now, AT LAST, the
kitchen is finished and the book, Barefoot Summers, is out. Horray, horray.

Thank you to all who helped with questions about counter tops and windows,
cook tops and fans. The whole thing was arranged to make room in the design
for my beloved Hoosier cupboard. I love all that we have done: 18" black granite
tile, a Sears glass top range with convention oven and warming drawer, a greenhouse
window (installed to make up for the fact that I was stupid enough to think that
upper cabinets are more important as a big, wide view), a side by side Fridge that
is counter depth, a breakfast bar – tall enough to hide my mess from the Great Room,
French doors leading to an awning covered deck with views of my beehives, and
plenty of love, off white cabinets.

Regards to all and thank you, once again.

Faith Andrews Bedford

I’m not sure if the following urls will get you to my Ofoto albumn or not. Please let me know if they do not work. Thank you

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 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

It's lovely, Faith! You do have a beautiful view from the garden window. How wide is it? Good luck with sales of your book!

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

I added the link. You're kitchen looks beautiful. The hoosier cabinet adds tons of character.

I really love your backsplash. Please give details on the tile.
Also, major congrats on the book. I have been working on my novel since 1987... LOL talk about writer's block.

Here is a link that might be useful: Faith's pics

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Wow. I love the Hoosier! It looks great with the white. The title of your book sounds great! Kim

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Thank you all for your nice comments. We just LOVE it.

HanArt - the greenhouse window (which we got at Lowe's - they make them to fit) is 27" x 43. I love how the tile just flows right into it. Our builder was so skillful in making that happen.

And thank you for your good wishes for the book. I've just returned from a New England Book tour to find that several readers have posted lovely comments on Amazon :)

Mlaj - Thank you for posting a link. I did not now how to do that. And good luck with your novel! I'll see if I can find out the details on the tiles. We love them.


 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Hello-- I love your kitchen. The colors and style are similar to what I am thinking of doing. I would really like to know how you or your builder did the tile counter top. Are the edges pre-made or did he/she do the bullnosing?

Thanks and good luck on your book sales!

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Faith, beautiful kitchen--the backsplash relates so nicely to that masterpiece Hoosier--is it quartersawn oak (the Hoosier)?

And wow, those reviews--money well spent! JUST KIDDING :) They make me want to read the book even though I've never read Country Living before. I'll definitely request that the local library get it too. I see that Amazon's first order is almost out of stock--good for you!

Enjoy the fruits of all your labors :)

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Wow! What a small world. Here I am lurking on the Kitchen site for three months and this post caught my eye cuz I just read a book by a woman named Faith. And it's the same person!!! I even raved about it over on the book forum.

It is fabulous, Faith, so heart warming. But what I want to know did you know that MY mother dressed my three sisters and me alike in "sister dresses," how did you know we looked for sea glass on the seashore, where were you hiding when I too, hid behind my father's chair so mother would not find me and make me go out and play? Thanks for the beautiful stories. And thanks for the great pictures of a neat kitchen.

Question: Who made your cabinets? I've been trying to decide between Plain and Fancy or Woodmode.

Thanks, Willie

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Goodness, this all too surealistic! I merely want to post the good news of my kitchen FINALLY being finished (I've been cooking in it for two blissful weeks) and I get these very nice comments. Boy I should post things more often. Like, how about, "Just lost two pounds on the way to ten!" and see who says "You go girl!"

But at any rate, Wendy, my tile guy did the bullnosing in the garage (what a dusty mess). But that was still a big saving (thousands!) over slab granite. I highly recommend the tiles. He did black grout and it looks great.

And Fly Left----I wish I COULD buy some real reviews. The people on Amazon make my heart swell but there has not been a true print review yet (just one on but no newspapers or magazines). It is not a blockbuster novel about a dysfunctional familiy with drug abuse and abductions so it may not make the NYTimes. Sigh.

I'm not quite sure what quarter sawn oak is? How would I know? I found it in a junk shop 20years ago and stripped all the awful white paint off it and refinished it. I love it. And the sifter still works!~

And as for you,Wille, you are a dear to write such nice things. No...I was not hiding behind your closet doors. It's just that so many things are universal and everday. I just try to find the special in them.



 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

A huge congratulations to you on both fronts - the kitchen is beautiful and the book sounds fantastic.

I too have a question about the backsplash - is it travertine? I can't quite tell and I'm loving the look of it...

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

How exciting! Your life seems to be coming together in so many ways! When it's good, it's real good, huh?!

Your kitchen is wonderful. I love the backsplash.

I, too, have a Hoosier. My husband's great-grandma made bread on it. I truly adore it. It's in my dining room, housing my crystal! I love nostalgia.

Best of luck to you with your novel!

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Beautiful kitchen and hooiser ! I have one also . I got it 30 years ago from the basement of my hubbys grandparents. Being young and not knowing much we let a company dip it to remove the milkpaint as it was all greasy as his grandfather had it all these years in his basement for tool storage! We though we could have it dipped and then stain it . Well little did we know two things. You should not dip furniture because it loosens the joints and glue . The second thing is hooisers that were not Oak like yours were a cheaper version that were painted and the wood used was mixed so that staining it would be impossible. So we got it back fixed the joints and painted it . A girlfriend of mine had a paint in a blue I liked painted on a rocker. I told hubby paint the hooiser that color. Once he did I did not like it on the hooiser as the piece was much bigger then the chair lol. He said he would repaint it but I grew to like it and over the years of many moves the paint has chipped in various places. I like it that way though and it has remained in all my homes . So I know what you mean about making a space and or design to make them work in the kitchen :) Congrats on your finished beautiful kitchen and your book. Hey do forum members get a discount on the book ? kidding :) Best wishes for much success of the book.

 o RE: more on Hoosiers and backsplash

Dear Roadhag, Thank you for your kind comments. The backsplash is not travertine but porcelain tile by a company called Dolce Vita (at least that is what the box says) and is Jerusalem Stone, color Gold. They have all sorts of listellos, etc. I sealed it for I felt it brought out the colors moreo and made it glow.

And, Willie, I forgot, the cabinets were made by a nice man who lives over the mountains from us in the Shenandoah Valley. His price for custom was almost the same as store bought so, since we needed some odd sizes, we bit. And we are glad we did. We love them and they work so well.

Sarina, I loved your story about your Hoosier. Does yours still have the little half round trays for eggs, slide our racks for rising bread and little tin thingies for spices? I just love the history that ours must have seen.

Imagine how many pies have been rolled out on that enamel tray (I've probablly added 50 or so to its tally).

Been cooking in the kitchen three weeks now and it works wonderfully well.


 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

The kitchen is beautiful, I know you must love working in it. That's the best part, isn't it. I'll have to find the book. I've been looking for your articles, now I know why I haven't seen any, you've been very busy.


 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

faithab.. Mine has glass spice jars and jars that are neat marked for coffee and tea. It has a bread drawer on the bottom right side with a tin top. I has wire racks shelf in the bottom half of cabinet. I never knew why . Is that maybe for rising bread? I has a flour bin with turn crank that opens at the top for filling. One nice thing being it was a painted cabinet is a stencil pattern glass that is way cool. Because of the issues of ours not being as sturdy after it was dipped I use it as a decoration piece with display things . The tag that said hooiser cabinet on it with the maker was stolen when hubbys grandparents had a moving company take it to a storage place when they were selling their place. We went to pick it up to take it to the antique place for dipping and the tag was missing that read hooiser cabinet. I was so bummed . I can however I saw on line get a replacement tag .

 o RE: Faith's kitchen is FINALLY finished (and so is the book)

Congratulations on both accounts! I remember when you got that letter. Which provided the most relief, finishing the book or finishing the kitchen? :^) Your kitchen is certainly gorgeous, I suspect the book is likewise quite enjoyable.



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