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Posted on Sat, Aug 11, 07
Link to kitchen photos:

The refrigerator pulls are 19" with 18" centers, the dishwasher pulls are 12 7/8" with 12" centers, and all of the cabinet pulls are 5 1/6".

The granite is seamed in the middle of the sink.

An interesting note about the raised part of the island. We originally didn't realize (nor did our GC) that the pillar was holding up the second floor of our house. We all thought it was just decorative, so we designed and ordered our cabinets with the pillar gone. The raised part of the island was supposed to be long and straight. When we discovered that the pillar had to stay, we built the freeform, curvy raised bar. We did this by cutting a template out of a cardboard appliance box until we liked the shape! We call it the question mark because that's what it looked like, and we love it now and are glad the pillar had to stay.


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