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Photos of my kitchen... finally!!!

Contact: aktillery (My Page)
Posted on Wed, Apr 5, 06
Link to kitchen photos: http://community.webshots.com/album/549225845HVLNau

Well we are nearly done... just have to add baseboards, finish crown molding in dining and backsplash. Thank goodness!


I absolutely love your home - beautiful but yet comfortable. It inspires me greatly.
Love it all!! Where did you get your kitchen table??
Is there anything you would change now that you have lived in it for a while?
Your kitchen is inspiring! I'm in the process of picking everything out now and really wanted to do the same rangetop you have, but was told I couldn't because it's in an island and I would need a hood (which I cannot do). Can you let me know if anyone told you otherwise?
GORGEOUS, as someone said, inspires me greatly!! I'd love to have that kitchen!
Stunning! I epecially love all of the little accents - epsecially colored wine goblets (beautiful!). What make are your pendants? Thank you for sharing.
Seriously. My dream kitchen. I LOVE it! Everything. So gorgeous. I vaguely remember that I had a question, but now I can't remember it. Oh, I see you have lower cabs with doors. Are they rollouts or stationary?
aktillery, I love your kitchen. I was wondering if you could share more info. on your chandelier. I tried to find them @ Lowe's but couldn't. Thanks!
Very nice! Are you happy with your Thermador downdraft? Can you share which model it is (I think they come in 10" tall and 18")?

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