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Posted on Tue, Apr 24, 07
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It is nearly completed, some finishing touches such as staining the pantry/closet door and curtains but here are some pictures of our new kitchen. Our kitchen was 22 years in the making...whew!... and included a modest redo of the dining room, removing the breakfast room replacing with a hall closet and powder room. The old kitchen is now my home office space. The project also included removal of a "tandem" (a sort of sleeping porch off of one of the bedrooms) reworking of that bedroom and reworking of a second bedroom to make a master (all 4 of our original bedrooms were about the same size) a large closet and bath. The house was restuccoed. Yet to be completed is the restucco of garage and landscaping. We lived through the massive upheaval and mess without moving out!

I had used a computer design program (Home Architech- very old version) to come up with the design -well many over the past 22 years. I had hired a KD to go over the designs and she was very helpful in designing the island top details as the posts in the island are crucial to holding up the 2nd floor. She also helped figure out the microwave cabinet..While I am sure she was ready to pull her hair out on one than more occasion when I just didn't find the "right" tile or granite. Can I tell you I was more than a bit obessive..going to 5 different granite shops might have been considered over the top, but I finally found what my heart was looking for.

One of my other obessions was a pyramid theme I carried thoughout. My original woodwork- 1916- have a pyramid detail in each of the tops of the door/window trims. I had those details added to the cooktop cabinet and the island. My door hardware is pyramid -Dakota- from Restoration Hardware. I splurged on a Manhandle for my corner lazy susan from SOKO.

Beautiful work. Can tell you spent a lot of planning on it. The tilework is gorgeous!

Did you do the radiant heat DIY or have it installed? We're looking at doing it ourselves.
Beautiful kitchen! We are also looking for an instant hot water dispenser and need to decide in the next couple of days. Have heard of Franke, Insinkerator, and Mountain Plumbing. We are getting a granite countertop -- what is the "granite issue" you mentioned? Not the first time I've heard/seen in researching the internet, but I'm not quite sure what the issue is. Thanks so much. Kelly
Very nice! I'm also looking at hot water dispensers and am curious about your comment re: "granite issues". We are also using granite -- and this isn't the first time I've seen it mentioned but I can't seem to find any details about what it is. Any info is greatly appreciated. Also, do you have an opinion on the dispensers available? We are looking at Insinkerator, Franke, and Mountain Plumbing.....all seem to look similar, just wanting some info on quality. Thanks!

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