elizpiz' Kitchen

Century Home Arts&Crafts Sage Green Kitchen with Vaulted Ceiling

Contact: elizpiz (My Page)
Posted on Sun, Oct 11, 09
Link to kitchen photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/elizpizzinato/BeforeAndAfterTheLittleKitchenThatCould
Link to blog: http://duckandcake.blogspot.com/

Background Info:
Here’s what we did:
Apron Sink
Base Cabinet>24in Deep
Wall Cabinet>36in High
Dish Drawer
Dishwasher Drawer
Full Extension Drawers
Garden Window
Gourmet Professional
Hood Custom
Induction Cooktop
Island with Seating
Knife Drawer
Lighting Recessed
Prep Area Multiple
Prep Sink
Pullout Pantry
Unique Hardware
Unique Window

I'm in awe. That is absolutely incredible. Whatever you spent and however long it took ... it was worth it. I love so many things (that fridge! the mini hob! the ceiling! THAT OVEN!) but I think my favorite thing is the show nook under the stairs ... best use of "dead space" I've maybe ever seen. Well done!
I must say, I dislike about 90% of the kitchens I see on this site. This is totally my style - absolutely beautiful job. And I am DROOLING over the double Turbo Chefs! Congrats on a great job.
I think this kitchen is one of the most understated upscale kitchens I have ever seen. The details are amazing. I love everything about it.
Thank you for all your nice compliments. We love the new kitchen, and Gabrielle, our Turbo Chef rocks! :-)

Beautifully done! I also have a prairie-style inspired home and am considering a similar slate treatment as a backsplash. It was great to see yours in use. I hope that you are enjoying your beautiful new kitchen!
What an absoultely fabulous kitchen makeover! Wow!
I love your kitchen. Thanks for posting it and allowing us to see it too!
I am curious as heck where you got your beautiful windows??? Who is the manufacturer? Thanks for sharing.
Cappi, the windows are Anderson; our GC stained the intertiors and the exteriors come in a variety of colours. Email me at epizzinato@sympatico.ca if you need more info.

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