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so it ends- a 100% finished kitchen- FINALLY!!!!

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Posted on Wed, Nov 7, 07
Link to kitchen photos:


Absolutely stunning. Amazing attention to detail. Great job!! The marble is stunning. Please tell details about the beautiful dining table & chair set.
thanks! it's not marble's Venata soapstone on the island and Green eyes on perimiter. The dining set is OLD OLD OLD....Thomasville's Farm table I think it was called.
Great kitchen! You must be happy to have taken down the wall between the kitchen and dining/living rooms! Can you please tell me what you did on your floors?
thanks- we really do love the open space/great room effect. after 20 years of feeling isolated in the kitchen , it's so nice to feel part of the family :-) The floors are uneven peg and grove oak plank and actually the only thing I would change in the remodel.I have always hated the groves...seems like all the floor junk always ends up in them but the cost of replacing such a large area was way out of the budget so we had the builder match the existing floor in the lr/dr area. It actually came out pretty good and unless I point out the differences, most people cant see where it changes from the old original to the new stuff.


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