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Little green kitchen

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Posted on Fri, Sep 16, 05
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The kitchen is a 10’ by 11’ room cut up by three doorways, which means that it’s a small and awkward space. We only have about 8.5’ of countertop space (3.5’ on each side of the sink, plus a tiny bit next to the stove), so we desperately needed to make the most of what we had.

The Caesarstone is not honed, though I agonized over which way to go for the LONGEST time. I'm happy with what we have though (at this point, I'm making myself be happy with everything, otherwise it would be too painful!).

You did a beautiful job with such a small space. Our space is small too. Your kitty is hysterical! Your puppy so cute. I loved the old fashioned screen on your old sink cabinet doors. I guess you threw them out? I bet someone would have bought them from you.
Your kitchen is shaped exactly like mine so you can only imagine all the wonderful ideas in your pictures I've jotted down for our own kitchen re-do.
You showed a wonderful example of Before and After and I and my husband appreciate it so very much!
I love how your precious furbabes got into the act. I'm sure I'll have photos of cats in cupboards and doggies checking out counters and after seeing your fantastic re-do, I can't wait to get started!
Thank you so much for sharing.

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