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Rustic Cherry Kitchen with One-of-a-Kind Stone Art Backsplash

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Posted on Wed, Nov 2, 05
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Finally, here are 8 photos of my remodeled kitchen. They represent 9 months of dreaming, worrying, much angst about my decisions, and now great joy. Thank you to many of you who offered me advice based on your experiences....this kitchen would not be what it is without your help. Many, many, thanks!



I was a bit apprehensive about the aisle width, but it has posed no problems at all. In fact, I love it because so few steps are required to navigate the kitchen. There has been zero conflict between the refrigerator and dishdrawers being opposite each other, as I've not had an occasion for them both to be open at the same time. Candidly, the aisle width would not allow both of them to be in use simultaneously. And I've not been disappointed about the placement of the sink so close to the end of the island -- I'm a picky person about water getting out of the sink, onto the floor, etc, and after three months living in the kitchen everything is fine.
The aisle widths are: 41 inches between island and countertop next to refrigeratr; 36 inches between range and island
The upper cabs' width on either side of range are: 29.75 inches.. This is INSIDE measurement -- gets too confusing if I measure outside with the trim, etc.

The dimensions of the island are 74.5 inches x 44 inches. Amount of overhang varies.... On 2 sides of island, the overhang is 12 "; the side of the island across from the range is 1.5 " overhang, and the side of the island that houses the DDs and the under sink cabinets, there is essentially no overhang. The granite's thickness is either 2 or 3 cm; I think it's only 2 cm which caused me to make some minor changes.

I selected the cabinet hardware from the cabinet maker; they had scads of hardware from which to choose. And the price of the cabinets' construction and installation included hardware. I selected the pendant lights from a catalog at a local lighting company. I found there just weren't adequate in-store lights from which to choose. Believe me, I worried about those lights until I saw them in person and saw them hung!

I'm getting the same countertop in my kitchen. I love your backsplash. Do you know the name of it? Thanks!
Beth- I am absolutely in love with the wall art above your range. What is it made of and what type of stone do you have on the rest of the backsplash?

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