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JordanL's new kitchen

Posted by jordanl (My Page) on Thu, Jul 21, 05 at 11:48

I can't believe I am FINALLY posting here. It is about 99% done. Will these contractors EVER vacate my house?

It has been a very long road. Construction began on March 8 and we were able to move back into the kitchen July 13 (3 kids under age 5 and a dog and no kitchen!). This was a large project that relocated a powder room so our kitchen and family room are now open. Laundry room off kitchen and next to garage was relocated to the basement, allowing a fabulous mudroom that houses all that paperwork junk I never knew what to do with. It was not without lots of arguments with DH over cost and quality of work by less-than-perfect contractor. At times I did wonder whether it was worth it. But now that is all forgotten :)

I have learned so much from this forum. First, I saved about $6,000 by going with IKEA cabinets. I never would have been brave enough to do this without the hand-holding from the knowledgeable IKEANS here. I absolutely love them. They are well made, look great, and are frameless with full extension drawers. Absolutely no regrets. I had them professionally assembled and installed.

My absolute favorite part of my new kitchen is my induction cooktop. I never even heard of induction cooking until I stumbled over to the Appliances forum in my indecision over keeping the electric we had or converting to gas. Who new there was a third choice that combined the best of both (no need for gas line, ease of clean up of smooth top, and cooking power far exceeding gas - water boils in under one minute - NO I'M NOT KIDDING). If you don't know about induction, mosey over there are read about it. Unlike an electric smoothtop, the surface is cool enough to touch immediately when you turn off a burner and stuff doesn't get burned on. Not only wouldn't I have known about induction, I would NEVER have thought about importing one from Europe, where they are very popular. Saved a FORTUNE by doing that. Wanted the commerical style range for "the look" but am so much happier with the functionality of my induction cooktop. And only a fraction of the cost (about $800 including shipping from UK).

I also learned about the mixer pop-up, and having a plug installed in that cabinet for extra convenience, and the neverMT soap dispenser. And I added a walk-in pantry to the construction after seeing how great they were in others' kitchens. Also got the idea for the mudroom lockers here!

Now that I'm in my kitchen, I realize that the functionality is so much more important to me than all the details of "the look." I have "baking centers" "kids lunch making centers" (the bread is in a drawer by the refrigerator, right below a drawer with the little baggies) and "coffee center" areas, and so much storage.

Here is the breakdown:

Cabinets: IKEA Adel Medium Brown
Floors: All replaced with site-finished red oak with 3 coats of poly. Matches the rest of the house and flows beautifully.
Kitchen Aid double convection ovens
KA counter-depth refrigerator
KA dishwasher (all in architect series)
Sharp Over the Counter microwave (mounts under cabinets for a built-in look)
Rangemaster chimney hood
DeDietrich Induction cooktop
Faucet: PricePfister Marielle
Knobs/Pulls: ItalBrass purchased from
Undercab lighting: Hera xenon pucks
Backsplash: Walker Zanger white carrera field tiles and verde luna harlequins

I think that is it! Glad to answer any questions.

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 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

The link didn't attach! Trying again . . .

Here is a link that might be useful: JordanL's kitchen

 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

Your kitchen is stunning! I love all the details. The backsplash is beautiful! Great job!! Enjoy!!

 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

Amazing transformation-it looks great, so much more spacious, beautiful but not at all fussy and I agree, the backsplash is beautiful.

 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

Your kitchen is gorgeous! Just wondering what your kitchen's dimensions are with/without eating area??


 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

Wow! I just showed DH. the more and more I see these Ikea kitchens the more I am rethinking using them. I LOVE your kitchen. I really want an induction cooktop too. I can't believe you can have allthose drawers underneath it!!!!

 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

So nice! And I'm so glad you're happy with it!! You have great taste. The backsplash is wonderful.

We are also moving the laundry room to create a mudroom (3 kids as well). I decided to let go of some of the footage of my master bath to create a second floor laundry off the main hallway. Can't wait for that mudroom!

Enjoy your new spaces!!

 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

Gorgeous transformation! I wanted to know what paint color is in your family room? We're looking for a light brownish color and are having trouble finding one that's not too flat or too brown!

 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

It is all just to die for!
Questions: would that be slate on the mudroom pretty. And what is the countertop in there?
I'm very interested in the induction now, had no idea either.
Did you have any voltage issues to deal with, and can you can (you know, in jars) on induction? This has just zoomed to the top of my list over gas, we also have running a gas line issues.
Beautiful job.

 o RE: JordanL's new kitchen

Jordan, your kitchen looks fantastic. I posted some comments on the Ikea thread, but thought I'd put them here in case you didn't see them.

Mostly, I want to know the size of your pull-outs for trash and spices. Are they both the 15" pull-out cabinet?


Cannot see the pictures :-(

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