acomom's Kitchen

acomom's Kitchen

Posted by acomom (My Page)
June 2006
Link to kitchen photos:


Your kitchen is beautiful! I especially love the backsplash. I have looked at Jerusalem Pearl for my kitchen. I am looking for something creamy with a gold undertone - that's how your's appears, is that accurate? Do you know who your manufacturer was? I have only seen it from Artistic Tile. Finally, is yours enhanced? Thanks for the info. I love your Sonoma Tilemakers accents as well - you did a great job!
I like your tile! Do you happen to remember the color?
Do you like your combination microwave?
We're about to embark on a kitchen remodel and can't decide if we should put the range in the island or the kitchen sink. It looks like from the pics that your main sink is in the island, is that right? If so, do you like it there? Wish it were the range? Pros/cons? Thanks! I've been looking all over the internet for ideas and can't decide.
Lovely. How large is your island? Do you use it? Do you like having the sink in the island?
I love the backsplash and your stove selection. We are looking at similar stoves.

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