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French Gray Island Kitchen

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Posted on Fri, Nov 18, 05
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I can't find your slideshow and I love your coffee station. Can you send me a link? Thanks...
How are your granite countertops wearing? Are you happy that they are honed and do they show fingerprints? They are gorgeous, so I hope that they are easy to maintain! Thanks
Thanks. I love them. No stains and they do not show fingerprints. I have the same granite, also honed, in my laundry room.
Allison - I love your kitchen. It is one of my favorites and I know you are enjoying it. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your island? The scale of your piece looks so appropriate with your farm sink, as well as in your kitchen space. Thank you very much!

Susan, I answered your questions a few nights ago but don't see it. ???

Thanks. The island is a few inches over in each direction - but about 4x9.
How is the antique pine countertop holding up.? My kitchen designer feels i need a "harder wood" but yours is beautiful. Did function follow that gorgeous form?

Mary, I still love it as much as Day One. We've only recoated with Good Stuff for Wood once since moving in. I don't cut directly on the counterop and we are good about wiping away water after doing the dishes.

love to get your plans for that rangehood..looks great
We are wanting to fabricate our own copper rangehood (to save $), since a builder kept our down payment of $40K last year, and never built our house... can I ask how you did your rangehood?
Thanks, jody
Sorry wjuliand and jody, I never check over here!

Here is a Shutterfly link showing photos of the hood during construction. It does not show the front piece of wood put in before the copper was put on.

The best place to find/email me is

wjuliand, I'll send you an email but just to let anyone else know, we did not have plans. It was built on site by the cabinet guys. They made the trim out of antique pine at their shop.
Please email me info. on how you covered your hood with copper? How did you finish the corners?

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