missourimomtotwo's Kitchen

missourimomtotwo's Kitchen

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Posted on Fri, Jun 23, 06
Link to kitchen photos: http://s60.photobucket.com/albums/h26/tbcaptain/kitchen/


I'm in the process of updating my kitchen, and after scouring the internet, your beautiful kitchen has become my "inspiration kitchen." I'm in the process of ordering the Ubatuba granite now. Your kitchen is clean, elegant and uncomplicated--I love the look of the green walls, white cabinets and exquisite dark granite countertops. Your renovation is beautiful! Thank you for inspiring me!
Hello. I'm still taking inspiration from your beautiful new home through your website, and I was wondering about the paint you used in one of your bathrooms--it's the one with the pedestal sink. It looks to be a pretty warm brown. Would you mind sharing the color? Thanks so much!

hi i love your kitchen i am trying to decide between uba tuba and verde peacock for the counter also i wanted to know is your wall color green or gray or a graygreen?
angelamom- the color is really a gray-green. it's really pretty interesting how much the time of day can influence the color - in the full daylight it's mostly gray, but then at night with artificial light it's more green. hth!
it's really a gray-green, and changes a lot depending on the time of day. Full daylight it looks more gray-khaki, then at night it looks more green. It's been several months now, and I still love it!
I have read some pretty scary things on GW about KitchenAid appliances. (Ovens not working after cleaning) Are you having any problems. Need to order appliances this week for our new kitchen!!!

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