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Posted on Wed, Jul 26, 06
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We knocked down a wall separating a den and the kitchen to make a bigger eat-in kitchen. It's still not huge but it's very functional and just perfect for us. We also added lots more lighting - recessed, under cabinet, and pendants. We had a gas line run into the kitchen for the stove. We moved the sink and removed an extra sink that we weren't using. We removed two windows (gasp!) to make way for a patio door so we could actually access the backyard (and the grill) more easily. We added a breakfast bar. Future plans include the building of a banquette in the far corner of the breakfast area.

What do you think of your Ikea faucet? Does it work well? Feel solid?
Yes. It works well and feels solid. The one beef I have and it's my fault is that it seems that the stem thingy that connects to the wall and sort of stabilizes it is just a hair too short - or more correctly - we should have put the sink just a hair further back in the countertop. I find that after my kids are done messing around with the faucet (and it's a STRONG spray too) that I have to readjust it. If the sink were a bit closer to the wall, the stem thingy would be tightly screwed into its attachment on the wall. I know that made no sense but take a look at the faucet when you're in Ikea next.
I like it. It works well and does feel solid. With three small children (two of them boys), it may be too much faucet at this point. The sprayer is STRONG.

The only beef I have and it's my fault is that it's not to stable on the wall. It's sort of hard to explain without seeing the faucet. There is a stem thingy that screws out from the neck of the faucet and goes over a wall-mount thing (seriously...struggled over that word but I don't know what it's callled). Our sink is just a hair too far forward to allow that stem to be screwed tightly onto the wall-mount thingamajig. So, after a particularly rambunctious bout of handwashing, I find that I have to try to jimmy it back onto the wall-mount thingy. It's more of a PITA than anything else and I really should have alerted my contractor to the wacky faucet I was getting.
I liked your kitchen a lot. I had a question about the microwave/hood above the range. is there a hood or vent, or is it just the microwave above the range? is is a microwave/fan combo? I'm trying to figure out my range/hood/microwave design and could use any suggestions.
Jenn, I love your kitchen. I am considering IKEA cabinets because I just cant justify paying 18K for cabinets and have read so many good things about IKEA's. Are you still happy with them? I know its been 3 years already!! If you dont mind my asking, what did the cabinets alone cost you? It looks like you have the same amount of cabinets that I need.
love the 1x3 subway tile! seeing amazing ikea kitchens like yours is making me reconsider painting my cabs and replacing them with ikea ones instead!

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