babs711's Kitchen

babs711's Kitchen

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Posted on Thu, Jun 22, 06
Link to kitchen photos:

We had to completely renovate our home because of Hurricane Katrina. This was an unexpected remodel. I don't have "during" pictures because things were traumatic enough without having pictures to remind us of everything. I do have pictures of what the kitchen looked like before the hurricane though. We did make some changes.

We're still waiting on our pantry doors (ordered in December! Ugh!), the panels for the sides and back of the island and for the new window (and apron below the window sill) to be installed. Oh, and I was short one medallian on my backsplash so it's vacant until it comes the window and toaster) Other than that, we're pretty much finished!

Just now browsing seriously and have to tell you - I love it.Tied together great.
Love the hardware and the faucet.
Looking for ideas for a remodel. I love those chairs. Where did you get them - who are they by?

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