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Finished Kitchen, Yay!!!

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Posted on Thu, Oct 25, 07
Link to kitchen photos:

The drawer faces under the cooktop measure at 39 3/4" and the bar is 33 1/4". We just tried to maintain a 2-3 inch space between the end of the bar and the edge of the drawer. What was hard for us was the door bar length. Initally I wanted the bar to run the entire length, my hubby wanted something not as dramatic so we chose one a little less than half. We had a great experience with hardware USA on ebay when we bought them.

Banquette dimensions- It is in an L- shape with the short side being 5 feet and the long side nearly 10. The seat is about 18" deep and the height is 18". The cushions are made of super easy clean up naugahide, the back cushions snap directly to the back of the bench and the seats are flippable and they tuck right under the backs. A local canvas/upholstery place came and measured and made our cushions

Cabinets have frameless drawers and framed doors. They are all full overlay as the hinges are on the inside and the style between is invisible. My GC described this as a "Euro Cabinet".

Good looking room. I am impressed. Love the warmth of wood.

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