athomedad's Kitchen

athomedad's Kitchen

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Posted on Wed, Mar 23, 05
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Basic footprint of kitchen stayed the same. We were able to recess a 16 inch beam that ran across the the room. Also narrowed the opening into our family room, and made a half wall to open the kitchen to the family room.


My ceiling is roughly 8 ft. 9 1/2 inches. We have four inches of "library" molding and 4 1/2inches of crown molding. Yes-a lot of molding- certainly more than I ever wanted! In order to vent the range hood to the outside, the vent pipe had to be placed above the cabinets. I like it now though, and I think it adds a lot of architectural interest. My uppers also have glass in the upper third of the cabinet, which makes them more interesting and allows us to add color to the room by displaying some pottery and other objects we like.

Wow - love what you did with the backsplash - it's given me much needed inspiration for mine. I'm thinking of 2x4 subways and framing off behind the range and filling with tiny mosaics - v. similar to yours.
Love your kitchen! Can you please tell me the dimensions of your banquette? Would love to do something similar in mine.
I love your kitchen. I'm also lookinig to do something similar in mine. Can you please tell me the dimensions of your banquette and island cart? and how much room you have between them. Thanks.

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