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codex77's Finally Done Kitchen!

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Posted on Mon, Sep 26, 05
Link to kitchen photos: Sorry, we no longer have a link to codex77's photos.

This is my finished kitchen, except for rugs which I can't find ones I like :)
I have used these forums extensively in my designing this kitchen, I want to thank all the helpful people for their input and suggestions, it made the difference!


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 o RE: Finally Done Kitchen!

The vent hood is a looong story. I bought a zephyr hurricane from Great Indoors and, long story short, it got lost, misdelivered, 4 TIMES. I spent 3 hours on the phone on my birthday trying to find it. The place is utterly horrible, never picks up the phone. Finally, I drive 2 hours to pick it up, and get it back to the house. Cut to 2 months later we unwrap it, ITS THE WRONG COLOR! It was in two boxes and the outside one said stainless, the inside was white.
I drive out there, SOBBING, and threaten to stand outside the store with a sign because the service is so bad and I'm so upset. It's special order, will take a week to get in. NO! Coincidentally, there's 9 inch Vent a Hood in the discount section, another misdeliver, great condition. The guy gave it to me for 100 dollars less than I paid for the Zephyr and it works great.

Sorry for the long story, but I really worked for that vent, and it turned out for all the best. :)

codex77 - I am starting the kitchen remodel journey and am seriously considering Dynasty in the painted finish of Oyster or Pearl. Are you happy with the construction, quality and finish of your Dynasty cabinets?

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