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My French Country kitchen

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Posted on Sun, Apr 2, 06
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Lovely kitchen. Did you do anything special to the paint color to get the leather effect?
The walls have a hand textured finish. I'm not sure what the process is called, but a paste of some sort was applied over the drywall, then it was painted and a glaze was added over that. It gives it somewhat an aged look. I hope this helps. Thanks for the compliment.
I LOVE your kitchen and your house! It's absolutely beautiful. Can you please tell me the type of edging you used on your granite countertops? Also, did the fabricator do a double laminate buildup which would make it 2.25 inches thick? One more question, how do you like your Rohl faucet? Thank you!
OMG. Love your kitchen. I am buying very similar cabinets and really like the granite you chose. I can't decide between lighter and darker counters, your kitchen is a strong persuader towards light. (I've read dark are hard to keep clean looking.) Wonderful kitchen!
love your sink...beautiful kitchen!
Great kitchen!! I am going to use Custom Cupboards for our kitchen, can you tell me what stain or finish your alder cupboards are?

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