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Finished kitchen (classic white & green)

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Posted on Fri, Jun 22, 07
Link to kitchen photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/EvanPOwens/2007KitchenRemodel


This kitchen is in a 1970s colonial style tract house. The space is only 11 x 19, too small for an island. The goal of the remodel was to get more counter space by (1) pushing the sink and cooktop as far apart as possible and (2) moving the frig into the space of the existing pantry. Fortunately, the pantry was already 29 inches deep so depth wasn't an issue. One of the challenges was that the plumbing for the bathroom above runs over the sink. We were able to reduce the soffits from 12 inches to six and hide most of that with moldings. Another important change was pulling the cabinets back a few inches from the windows and doorways so that the green paint would be a contrast. This has made a tremendous difference: the sink window looks enormous now, even though it is exactly the same as before. Less really is more (grin).

The green on the walls is a color that we have used in our houses for more than a decade. It was chosen to coordinate with the Sanderson collection of William Morris fabrics. Turns out that BM has made it one of their feature colors for 2007, so we have become trendy despite our best efforts to the contrary (grin). The design inspiration for the kitchen was the cover of a Rutt brochure. We did the kitchen layout and then our local CWP dealer fine-tuned the cabinet specification.

A happy surprise was the discovery of the White Fantasy granite. Based on web searches, we were expecting to use Verde San Francisco or Verde Maritaka. We went to four granite yards and at the fourth (All Granite and Marble) fell in love with something completely unexpected: a granite that looks exactly like Cararra marble. Everyone who sees it can't believe it is not marble.

Your kitchen looks fantastic! Congratulations.

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